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Crop Preserver

anti-chafing ball deodorant

3 FL OZ / 100 ML

  • Description
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Our uniquely formulated, all-in-one deodorant and moisturizer was designed specifically for ‘below deck’ and highly active areas. This residue- and oil-free, anti-chafing liquid talcum-like gel features ingredients that preserve the skin’s essential barrier, promote antibacterial protection, and maintain all-day freshness.

Formulation callout:

  • Features Active pH Control™
  • Reduces bacterial microorganisms on skin
  • Protects skin’s moisture barrier
  • Advanced, quick-absorbing gel talcum-like formulation

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Maximum Anti-Chafing Protection

formulated to perform


Powerful moisturizing deodorant keeps you fresh and hydrated.


Keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.


Infused with natural hydrators and vitamins to soften coarse hair.

how to use

After showering and washing with our exfoliating cleanser, towel off, making sure to dry completely. Apply and rub a small amount of the moisturizing deodorant into the palm of your hands, then apply on and around your sensitive areas that require ventilation. Its liquid formulation will dry on contact, keeping you both deodorized and moisturized.

pro tip:

Let dry completely before dressing.

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Protect Your Undercarriage Today

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What people say

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Protect Your Undercarriage Today

Try The Crop Preserver