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Manscaped™ Boxers

Anti-Chafing Cooling Boxer Briefs

Don't just wear any old boxers after Manscaping your goods to perfection. House your family jewels in Manscaped boxers - underwear specifically engineered to reduce chafing. Whether lounging around the house or running a marathon, Manscaped boxers will keep you cool and dry all day long.

  • Crop Cooling Technology inhibits overheating and facilitates optimum pH levels
  • Breathable SmartBand Technology features super elasticity and a wide, no-roll waistband for maximum support
  • Proprietary microfiber blend ensures breathability and repels moisture
  • Anti-chafe detailing with sweat-wicking fibers to reduce chafing and “swamp crotch”
  • Industry standard US sizes S-2XL


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