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The Perfect Package + SLYDE HANDBOARD

$89 (a $268 value)
The Perfect Package + SLYDE HANDBOARD
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The Perfect Package + SLYDE HANDBOARD

$89 (a $268 value)

This exclusive Movember Pack contains the Manscaped Lawn Mower, Crop Preserver, Crop Cleanser, Crop Reviver, Shears. Plow, Shed, Magic Mat, and the Slyde Handboards (seen on Shark Tank) Grom. 

The Slyde Grom is the ultimate starter shred stick that will turn your bodysurfing session into the time of your life. With super advanced construction, an ultra buoyant foam core and an extra sticky grip top skin with a buttery slick bottom that will have you raving down any wave like a pro, no matter your skill level. 


The Movember Foundation to help fight prostate cancer.

  • Magic Mat set of disposable shaving mats

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what you get

Magic Mat

Collect your trimmings, and you (and your housekeeper) can breathe easy. No errant hairs to vacuum or mop up when you have the Magic Mat. Keep your bathroom clean, and keep laughing with the entertaining news featured on this set of handy, disposable, newspaper-style mats. After trimming, just discard. Now that’s neat.