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The Perfect Package

$59.99 (a $171.93 value)
The Perfect Package
best bang

The Perfect Package

$59.99 (a $171.93 value)

This is the ultimate way to discover the Manscaped experience. A complete lineup featuring precision-engineered tools, unique formulations, and accessories, keeps your unique parts looking, smelling, and feeling sophisticated. We’re even including a durable and stain resistant travel bag for easy storage and an awesome 5-piece stainless steel nail kit.

  • The Plow Safety razor
  • Crop Cleanser Moisturizing hair and body wash
  • Crop Reviver Below deck and allover body toner and refresher
  • Magic Mat disposable shaving mat
  • The Shed Travel bag
  • The Shears Nail kit

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A refined gentleman

Step 1

prep: TRIM

Open up the Magic Mat disposable shaving mat and set it on the floor. Plant your feet firmly on the mat to capture the trimmings. Grab The Lawn Mower electric trimmer and adjust the guard to your preferred length, then start trimming the desired areas.

Step 2

refine: WASH & shave

Get in the shower with your Crop Cleanser all-in-one hair and body wash. Dispense the gel into the palms of your hands and lather from head to toe. Then use The Plow precision razor for a closer shave. Make sure to remove all trimmings and scrub those hard to reach places.

Step 3

finishing touches: pamper

After drying yourself, grab the Crop Preserver anti-chaffing moisturizer and deodorant. Dispense a small amount onto the palms of your hands and apply areas susceptible to heat and smell. Use the Crop Reviver toner spritz as needed when your goods need a pick-me-up – don’t leave the house wihtout it!

what you get

The Plow

The Plow is the perfect tool to let you get a closer, more refined shave. Designed for ease and agility – with a small handle, double-sided straight razor, and built-in guard that protects your skin – it provides the ultimate shave every single time.

Crop Cleanser

Crop Cleanser is an all-in-one moisturizing cleansing gel that keeps a gentleman fresh. It goes on velvety smooth, so lather up with a generous amount from your head down to your toes.

Crop Reviver

Crop Reviver not only tones your ‘crops’ but is formulated to help keep them revived, feeling and smelling great any time of the day. Give yourself a spritz or two – morning afternoon, or night.

Magic Mat

Not only a great source of manly news but also designed as an inconspicuous manscaping ‘collection’ mat, helping keep both a gentleman and the bathroom clean.

The Free Gifts

The Shed

Every man needs a place to store his tools. This is that place. Our roomy Shed is durable, flexible, and features a grab-and-go handle for easy transport.

The Shears

It’s no secret that men are judged on the condition of their nails, and we’ve got you covered. This handsome nail kit features a large stainless steel clipper, a pair of safety scissors, and other accessories to help you stay refined.