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How to Clean And Maintain The Lawn Mower™ 3.0

A man loves his tools. For some guys, those tools are in the garage. They fix cars or build stuff. For other men, the tools are in the kitchen and make delicious food. Maybe your tools are on a computer and help you craft masterpieces or solve problems. There is no limit, but there is one tool that is universal to all men, and we need to take care of it.

Not that tool. Get your minds out of the gutter. Obviously, we’re talking about The Lawn Mower™ 3.0. It’s a great trimmer, but the best equipment in the world will still eventually fail if you abuse it enough. Here’s an easy cleaning and maintenance tutorial for your favorite trimmer.

The Easy Steps to Clean Your Trimmer

One of the primary design philosophies governing The Lawn Mower 3.0 is ease of use. We made this as easy to use as possible, and that includes maintenance. Keep reading. You’ll see.

Remove the Blade Head

It starts with the removal of the blade. Apply a little pressure, and it will pop right off. The removed head is much easier to clean. It can also be replaced if it’s due. The rest of the cleaning will also be easier without a blade head.

If you want a visual aid, this 30-second video from YouTube shows you how to change blades on the trimmer. It’s made with The Lawn Mower 2.0, but the method is the same.

Clean the Blade

Your trimmer package comes with a cleaning brush. This is the part where you use it. The point is to get rid of all visible hair clippings. That means you’ll have to spend a little effort cleaning between the teeth of the blades. Overall, it might take a few minutes, but it shouldn’t be a grueling challenge.

Clean the Trimmer

You want to get rid of hair clippings on the trimmer too. It won’t need as much brushing. You can run it under water, and that’ll take care of most of the issues. You might also need to wipe it down with a disposable cloth or paper towel.

Consider Disinfectant

You want to be a little careful about this. We don’t recommend using bleach products on The Lawn Mower 3.0. Bleach is corrosive, and it will harm the colors and the grip over time. Also, if you don’t thoroughly remove the bleach, it will transfer to your skin when you trim. That can cause irritation and is generally bad for your skin. It undoes a lot of what you’re trying to accomplish when you groom.

Alcohol-based cleansers (or just rubbing alcohol) are much better. The alcohol will completely evaporate on its own, so you can disinfect the trimmer with a lot less effort and concern. That said, you should still rinse the trimmer after disinfecting it.

How to Clean And Maintain The Lawn Mower 3.0

Dry Thoroughly

When you’re done cleaning and rinsing, it’s best to dry the trimmer. Sure, it’s protected against water, but tap water has minerals in it, and it won’t dry cleanly. If you don’t want water spots and calcium deposits, completely wipe down the trimmer with a soft cloth when you’re done. That’ll keep it nice and pristine. It’ll also prevent the trimmer from drying out your skin with those calcium deposits.

Add Some Strategy

That concludes the lesson in cleaning the trimmer, but a little strategy can help you maintain it and push your hygiene game just a bit. By now, you should have an idea of how easy it is to swap blades. We’re going to take advantage of that.

Using Multiple Blades

You can get the SkinSafeReplenishment Plan to make sure you’re not short on blades. When you have your backups, you have a few options. You can use the blades one at a time until they eventually show wear and need replacement. Or, you can rotate your blades. It makes it a little easier to keep things clean because you can rinse and soak blades that are swapped out. More importantly, you’re splitting the wear across the blades, and overall, they’ll all last just a little longer.

Taking Advantage of the Waterproof Design

If you can shower with your trimmer, you can run it under a faucet. That means that cleaning is pretty easy. If you rinse it after every use (and still dry it with a cloth for the sake of hard water), you won’t have to scrub it as often. You’ll still be trimming without a bunch of hair clippings — which is good for reducing irritation and preventing wear on the blade. It’s pretty obvious, but as guys, we can get a little lazy. Add a quick rinse to the end of your grooming sessions and your life will be easier.

Advantages of a Clean Device

You may wonder if regularly cleaning your trimmer is worth the effort. A clean trimmer is good for you in two ways, and they’re both pretty obvious. The first is microbes. Cleaning your tools reduces the risk of contracting skin infections. Those can stem from bacteria, fungi and other, exotic sources. If you don’t clean your trimmer, you can end up with athlete's foot on your junk. Let that sink in the next time you’re about to skip cleaning.

Even ignoring infections, cleanliness is good for your skin. We already mentioned hard water deposits. There’s an additional issue. Hair clippings itch. You know that, so why would you leave them lying around on something you use to groom your balls? That’s just asking for a long, itchy day.

Advantages of Maintaining Your Device

how to clean and maintain the lawn mower 3.0

Even though we’re making it easy to clean your trimmer, it does require consistent effort. In case some of you are thinking of reasons not to put in that effort, here are a few incentives to help you stay on task.

Better Trims

Hair clippings are actually bad for your blade. They can clog it, and they add a tiny amount of stress to the trimmer as it works. You might think that a few hair clippings aren’t a big deal, but when they’re slightly messing with something that rotates thousands of times a minute, the impact of that tiny amount of hair can add up pretty quickly.

Clean blades last longer. They’re less likely to chip and warp. That means that they cut your hair better, and they cause fewer problems that lead to discomfort. If you want the best trim possible, you want to start with a better blade.


Maintenance doesn’t just help the blade. When you consistently use a properly sharp blade, it reduces the amount of work the motor has to do. The entire trimmer lasts longer and performs better over the years. If you want to buy new trimmers on a regular basis, then don’t worry about maintenance. If you want something that lasts forever, you have to take care of it. That’s a life lesson; it doesn’t just apply to grooming hardware.

Hopefully, you’re convinced. We made you a great trimmer. When you use it in tandem with the contents of The Perfect Package 3.0, you’ll have a great experience. It would be a shame to knock it down because rinsing a waterproof trimmer is too much work. In any event, that’s enough learning for today. Feel free to check back with us again to see what we can teach you next time. For more valuable grooming info, and to check out our other goodies, head to



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