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Ear Hair Removal - How To Remove Ear Hair

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to Remove Ear Hair

Do you groom? Do you understand the value of managing body hair? In that case, you must have a good grip on how to trim ear hair. Oh, you let that one slide, didn't you? We'll shame you later. For now, we can all admit that ear hair removal isn't a top priority, and ear hair waxing is seldom on the top of a man's to-do list. It's easy to forget about it until the hair gets bushy enough to annoy us. Regardless, that hair will eventually be a problem, and it really can impact your social life — especially if you're not ready to settle down. You need to be able to control your ear hair. So, we're going to take some time to learn about the ears together. You'll learn how and why it grows. Then, we'll look at all modern ways to handle that growth and keep your game at its peak.

Why Do We Have Ear Hair?

An in-depth look at body maintenance should start with proper understanding. If you don't know what your ear hair is doing, how can you make an informed decision on what to do about it? So, we'll start by answering that question.

Ear hair is trickier than you might think. Most body hair is believed to be a natural insulator that helps us stay warm. Ear hair serves a different function, especially when it grows inside the ear. When was the last time your ear canal was cold? So, we need to consider different options.

A leading theory is that ear hair is there to help keep debris out of your ear canal. It's a specialized part of the body, and if too much stuff builds up inside your ear, it'll mess with your hearing. It's a similar theory as to why we have nose hair, and it's fairly logical, but it can't be a definitive answer.

It turns out that ear hair growth is all over the place. A lot of things can cause more ear hair to grow, and one of those is testosterone. It's why grown men tend to have more fuzz than prepubescent children. Ear hair also seems to be more of a guy problem than a lady problem. It's been shown that juicing can turn you into a regular Teen Wolf, ears included. So, we have a good reason to believe that testosterone causes hair growth, but we're still not done.

It also turns out that this stuff tends to get bushier as you get older. A guy in his early 20s probably won't require as much maintenance as someone in their 50s. The weird part is that testosterone levels don't keep rising forever as you age, so there's still more to this story.

In the end, modern science hasn't cracked this one. We know for sure that guys have been removing ear hair for thousands of years, and there are no known medical problems associated with the practice. Managing your natural earmuffs can help with hygiene and hearing acuity. We'll have to be satisfied with that answer for now.

A Man's Right Ear

Causes Of Ear Hair Growth

Before we get into removal, we should talk a little more about the causes of hair growth. We already mentioned steroids, but some other things can present a problem. For the most part, you'll find that hormonal medications often have side-effects that impact hair growth. There are too many to list here, but you can always double-check the labels and see if it's something to consider. If you're taking something that you don't need, one of the easiest ways to combat your ear hair will be to cut the sabotaging supplement. That said, never quit a medication without talking to your doctor. It's better to have a little more ear maintenance than to hurt your health for the sake of aesthetics. 

Aside from medication, natural conditions can also change your hair growth. Skin problems and some kinds of ear infections can cause you to grow more hair. It's pretty weird. On top of that, bad nutrition is known to help you sprout hair you don't need. So, if you're having trouble keeping the ears under control, try eating more salads.

The point is that you need to understand the root causes. If you're doing something to contribute to hair growth, you're going to burn through trimmers and barely keep up with your problem. When you can identify a simple source of the problem, cutting that source out is easier than the hours of maintenance you would otherwise need. Start there, and when you're sure your ear hair is at natural levels, worry about the removal methods we'll be discussing below. 

Ear Hair Styles

Ear hair removal falls under the broader context of male grooming. When it comes to male grooming, you have a lot of options and styles before you. Everyone has a different preference, and you need to consider those preferences before you commit to your grooming or consider plucking ear hair.

For instance, not everyone likes a perfectly bare lower body. Some women are turned off by guys who are all skin and no hair. That's worth considering before you completely shave yourself down to the bone.

Each part of the body lends itself to its style, so what about ears? Do the styles shift? What's in right now? Let's make this simple. Ear hair is always bad. If you look through the annals of history (and we did), you'll find that ear hair is the most consistent thing there is. No one ever finds it attractive. You can assume that all of your ear hair should always be removed. You might find someone willing to tolerate it, but you should be a gentleman and treat that special person to clean ears. It's the right thing to do.

Removing Hair: The Weed Whacker

We're done with the preamble. If you're a dude, you've had to deal with ear hair at some point (or you will). Let's talk options, but before we do, a disclaimer is required. As your doctor has told you, never stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Let's add a caveat to that. If it's specifically engineered to be safely used inside your ear, it's ok. Otherwise, let's not put a bunch of foreign objects in our ears and go deaf just so we can be a little prettier.

MANSCAPED Weed Whacker Ear Hair Remover

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Shaving and Trimming Your Ear Hair

Usually, we would separate these concepts, but let's be real. You're not going to shave your ears. If you're incredibly patient, you could get the outer ear with a razor, but it would be awkward and probably bloody. For the inner ear, there is no razor designed for that kind of work. If you follow the rules of the disclaimer, ear shaving is out of the question.

That leaves us with trimming, and we're going to give it to you straight. Trimming is the easiest, fastest, most comfortable way to deal with ear hair. The biology of your listening devices is intricate and creates a lot of interesting challenges for hair removal. Many smart engineers have risen to that challenge, and you can get an ear hair trimmer that turns the chore into easy work. It's safe. It's fast. A trimmer like The Weed Whacker™ nose and ear trimmer from MANSCAPED™ is the way to go.

Trimming is the all-around method. Whether you have thin hair or bushy ears, a trimmer handles it all the same. When in doubt, stick with the trimmer.

But, you can't resist your nature. You want to know the other options, and we'll give them to you.

Plucking Your Ear Hair

If you're a masochist, then this is the method for you. Plucking is a viable way to tackle pretty much any ear hair. It works on the outside, and you can get a lot of inner ear hair without breaking the disclaimer rules (the hairs that need plucking tend to stick out). Even though plucking works, it's pretty miserable. 

Let's look at each part. For your outer ear, it's not so bad. As long as you aren't straight-up furry out there, plucking can tackle the problem for an incredibly low cost. Plucked hair takes a long time to return. If you can handle the discomfort, then by all means. You do you.

The inner ear is another story, this might be the most sensitive skin on your entire body. Do you think your dick or balls are sensitive? They don't have to do nearly the precise work of your ears. The inner ear can detect pressure changes, so the minute you wouldn't understand the units used to measure them. Do you want to treat such a sensitive area to the violence of plucking hair? It's going to hurt a lot. Possibly just as bad, it can lead to bleeding. That can mess with your hearing, and it can make your inner ear itchy. Plucking the ear canal is a bad idea. Stop trying to recreate Jackass and just take our advice. You want another way.

If you insist on plucking, remember that it's best for people who don't have a ton of hair. Eventually, you're wasting time going after individual hairs when you need a strategy more akin to carpet bombing or burning ear hair. Is that foreshadowing the next method?

Wax On A Stick

Waxing Your Ear Hair

You need to slow down for a minute. You just saw wax as an option and kept right on reading. Aren't you worried at all about hot wax in your ears? You might have a problem.

All joking aside, wax is a surprisingly good way to deal with outer ear hair (do we need to explain why you can't use it for the inner stuff?). What we need to emphasize is that this is not a DIY situation. If you're waxing your ears, things get crazy awkward, and there's a real risk of getting hot wax down into the delicate parts. You don't want to have to go to the hospital over this. Save that money for when you get your man parts stuck in something weird. It makes a better story anyway.

When you get a professional waxing, you deal with someone who knows their stuff. This person can make quick work of your outer ear hair without putting you at risk of becoming one-half of Hellen Keller. Surprisingly, ear waxing doesn't hurt as badly as some other waxing. That's because there's less hair and area than other parts of your body. It also lasts a long time, so this is worth considering.

That said, some ears just don't respond well to wax. Keep that in mind, and don't suffer through if you're one of those people. You have plenty of other choices.

As you way those choices, we'll emphasize that waxing is best for guys who have a lot of hair that grows quickly. It's also for guys who enjoy letting someone else groom their body. You can always have a bulk waxing day where they do a lot more than just your ears. 

Hair Removal Cream For Your Ears

Ah, good ol' hair removal cream. Let's review the disclaimer again. At the risk of repetition, you don't want hair removal cream in your ear. You're looking at an impacted ear that's full of cream that can cause actual chemical burns throughout the canal. Can you think of a worse idea? Stop trying; it was rhetorical.

For the outer ear, this isn't the worst idea. It's usually pretty painless. It's fast. It lasts. You can get your ear flaps nice and pretty with a little cream. Just be smart when you do it. Ensure you have good earplugs in for the entire process, and clean your ears thoroughly before removing the plugs. As long as you're smart, you'll find that the outer ears are among the better parts of your body to maintain with depilatories. Who knew? 

Remember that depilatories aren't for everyone. Always test how your skin reacts before committing. Put a little dab on your wrist or arm and see the response. That means following the instructions and then observing your skin for at least an hour. If you don't have a problem with creams, then they compete with the other methods here.

Laser Removal For Ear Hair

Man Getting Laser Ear Hair Removal

This list looks a lot like any other hair removal list. That's because ear hair is still hair. Laser removal is a great idea for your ear hair. Yes, it's substantially more expensive than other options. And, despite innovations, it's still not for everyone. No, literally. Some combinations of hair and skin color can stump the lasers. Technology still has a long way to go to catch up with society.

But, if you are a candidate for laser removal, it can potentially get rid of your ear hair forever. It'll take multiple treatments, but when you're done, you might be able to leave the trimmers, tweezers, waxes, and creams behind forever. Well, you'll still need them for other body parts, but your ears will be hairless.

There's a little extra good news for this one. As we said earlier, you can trust that ear hair is never going to rotate into style. At least, it won't in your lifetime. In a few generations, kids might get desperate enough for new ideas, but let's not dwell on that. Laser removal, stylistically, is safer on your ears than any other part of your body.

All of that said, laser removal is ideal for people with money to spare. Even assuming you get permanent hair removal, it's going to take a long time to make up for the cost of laser removal by not grooming regularly. Laser removal isn't about smart money investments. It's about convenience.

Rounding Out Our Guide To Ear Hair Removal

Ok. That covers ear hair removal. You know why your hair is there. Actually, no, you don't. But, you know why none of us can provide a good answer to that question, so that's good? More to the point, you know the primary external sources of hair growth. You can use that knowledge to make life easier. Finally, you have a nice list of ways to get rid of the hair once it grows. You can tick with the easy, classic approach; you can opt for pain or get creative. Whatever you decide, your ear hair destiny is now in your own hands. You're welcome. Just be sure to use this knowledge. There's no excuse for striking out because you were too lazy to get such a small amount of hair under control. Head over to to get the best nose hair trimmer, ear trimmer, and lower-region trimmer.



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