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Ear hair removal - How to remove ear hair.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to Remove Ear Hair

Ear hair sucks. It gets long, and it looks gross. It can also tickle and annoy your own ears. There’s nothing really redeeming about it.

Modern guys are expected to keep their ears clean, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to master grooming your ears. Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the whole thing.

Why do we even have ear hair?

But seriously, why? If it’s so annoying, shouldn’t evolution have taken care of it by now?

Here’s the catch. As much as it’s nice to groom your ear hair, it does serve a biological function. So, as we take you through the methods and options, keep in mind that you don’t want to get rid of all of the hair in your ears. You just want to control it.

The truth is that the scientific community has not reached a perfect consensus on why we have ear hair, but there are some leading theories. One idea is that it helps keep your ears clean. Do you ever have to clean literal dirt out of your inner ear? Your hair might be part of the reason why.

It’s also possible that inner ear hair helps with sensory recognition. The hairs vibrate, and in so doing, they help you recognize changes in air pressure. It’s technically different from your actual sense of hearing, but the hairs might be adding information that your brain uses to understand the environment around you.

It’s pretty interesting stuff, but it doesn’t change the fact that hair sticking out of your ears is unpleasant.

What makes ear hair grow?

So, what if we stopped ear hair growth at the source? Wouldn’t that make things easier? That might sound nice, but it’s not practical.

If we want to keep things simple, we can reduce ear hair growth to two things: genetics and testosterone. The vast majority of dudes are genetically programmed to grow ear hair. As you’ve read, it serves a real purpose, so a healthy person probably has at least a little ear hair.

On top of that, testosterone levels impact hair growth across your body, and that includes your ears. You don’t often see ladies with thick, bushy ear hair. That’s a testosterone thing.

So, if you wanted to slow your ear hair growth, you would have to mess with your hormone levels. That’s not the best idea, especially since you have much better options.

A Man's Right Ear

How do you remove ear hair?

Alright. We had our fun teaching you about the science of ear hair and stuff. Let’s get down to business. You need to manage that hair, and you need ways to do it. We’re going to show you the easiest. With an electric ear hair trimmer, you can get the job done quickly, easily, and safely.

Start with the Weed Whacker® 2.0.

The key, of course, is to have the right tool for the job. The Weed Whacker® 2.0 is that tool.

At some point, a doctor has probably told you that you should never stick anything smaller than your elbow into your ear. That’s good advice, but there are a few careful exceptions.

A properly designed ear hair trimmer is one such exception. The Weed Whacker® 2.0 is built for safety. Even though the cutting head will fit inside of your ear, it can’t go deep enough to cause damage, and it’s carefully crafted to trim ear hair without putting your ears in danger.

Shaving and trimming.

So, when you use the Weed Whacker® 2.0, shaving and trimming are the easy options. But, we should clarify. We’re not talking about getting a razor blade to shave your ears. That’s crazy talk. You’d butcher yourself in a heartbeat. 

Instead, shaving can be done with an electric trimmer if you’re just trying to get the hair very short. Otherwise, you can call it trimming. It’s all really the same thing as far as your ears are concerned.

So, to use the Weed Whacker® 2.0, you need to know the key steps. You’re in luck. It’s all very easy:

  • Clean your ears! You can use a salt-water solution or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect everything on the insides.
  • Stay away from tweezers or scissors. They are not needed here.
  • Make sure your Weed Whacker® 2.0 is clean, charged, and ready to go.
  • Prepare a shaving area. You need good lighting and a mirror. Most people choose the bathroom.
  • Use the Weed Whacker® 2.0. It comes with instructions. Basically, turn it on and move it around the areas you want to trim. You don’t have to push hard.
Weed Whacker 2.0 in-hand

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Alternative hair removal options.

We just taught you how to control your ear hair, but you’re a guy. You’re always looking for a better, faster, or easier way to do things. We don’t blame you; we’re the same way.

So, if you’re exploring alternatives, then we can walk you through the most common options. Be warned, most of these aren't ideal for ear hair.

Pluck it.

If you’re a masochist, then this is the method for you. Plucking is a viable way to tackle your ear hair. But even though it technically works, plucking ear hair is pretty miserable. 

A big part of that is because you’re removing hair from your inner ear with the process. Some of those inner hairs get long enough to pluck (which are the ones you want to remove). But, really think about it. Plucking hair from such a sensitive region doesn’t sound fun. It will hurt, and it can cause bleeding, which leads to all kinds of other problems. Do you really want itchy scabs inside of your ear?

Maybe plucking isn’t the best way to go. Still, some people do it, so we can’t deny that it’s technically a viable method.

Wax it.

Oh, now you want to explore waxing your ears? Maybe you should slow down for a moment. If you’re serious about waxing your ears, then we need to have a serious talk.

Wax can get the hairs outside of your ear canal, and for that, it’s not the worst. It’s a little uncomfortable, but most guys don’t have a ton of hair in those parts. And, wax leads to very soft hair re-growth, so it won’t be miserable and itchy when the hair returns.

But for those inner ear hairs, wax is a terrible idea. First, you would have to add wax to your ear. That’s not a good plan. We’re already going to tell you how to get rid of ear wax in a minute; let’s not preemptively make that problem worse.

Also, waxing is like plucking on steroids. Instead of removing a few select long hairs, you pull it all out. We already explained why you don’t want your ears to be bald, so waxing is bad on multiple fronts.

If you absolutely insist on exploring ear waxing, please enlist a professional. You can very easily cause yourself health problems if you DIY this thing. 

Wax On A Stick

Removal cream.

Ok. Clearly, we’re getting off the beaten path here. Hair removal cream is viable and even easy for some things. It should never go in your ear. Never. You don’t want to join the small group of guys who can testify to this firsthand. Please, please, learn from our experience.

Your inner ear is sensitive, and hair removal cream burns if you don’t take it off on time. It can get very stuck inside of your ear, and it can honestly lead to skin damage inside of your ear. Just, no.

Laser removal.

We’ve rounded a corner here. Laser hair removal isn’t an instant terrible idea for your ears. In fact, in some cases, it might even be the best solution. When laser hair removal works, it can be permanent, and that sounds really nice.

But, laser hair removal is expensive, and you should have it done by a doctor. So, if you’re that committed, schedule an appointment and see if you’re a good candidate. If you’re not that committed, stick with your trimmer. It’s fast, cheap, and easy.

Keeping your ears clean.

We mentioned earlier how you can clean your ears before you get to grooming. That’s important for reducing the risk of an infection or other complications when you go about ear hair removal, but ear hygiene matters even when you aren’t grooming. If you keep your ears clean, they’ll stay healthier in general, and you’ll probably be able to hear better too. So, we want to take a minute to talk about two important aspects of ear hygiene: disinfection and wax removal.

Preventing ear infections.

Let’s start with disinfection. It’s pretty simple. Human bodies are gross and rife with disease, and left alone, your ears might grow bacteria, get infected, or run into other hygiene-related problems.

Fortunately, cleaning your ears is super easy.

For this, you don’t need to worry about the insides of your ears. The ear canals and such are self-cleaning, and that’s actually part of why you have ear wax (which we’ll get to next).

So, to keep your ears clean, you really just need to wash the outer parts (and yes, that includes behind your ears). All you need to do is include them when you shower.

You can use a washcloth (or loofah) with soap and warm water. You don’t need to scrub vigorously, but you should go over your outer ear with your soapy scrubber. A simple rinse afterward is enough, and your ears will remain clean moving forward.

Using the cloth or loofah makes it easier to avoid getting water into the inner ear, which is nice. And when you rinse, you can either rinse out your washcloth and use it to wipe away the soap, or you can run water over your ears. If you’re going to do the latter, tilt your head so that gravity helps to keep your ear canals clean. 

Man Getting Laser Ear Hair Removal

Removing ear wax

Sometimes, you need to remove ear wax. Generally, your ears take care of the wax for you, so you don’t have to do anything, but wax buildups do happen, and they can block your hearing and even cause discomfort.

So, let’s start with a warning you’ve heard before. You absolutely should NOT be using q-tips or anything comparable to try to scrape your ears clean. That’s an easy way to push the wax in deeper and cause a bunch of problems.

Instead, ear wax is best managed by two things: solvents and irrigation.

Let’s start with solvents. You can go to the drug store and get any number of products that soften or even dissolve ear wax. And, they really do work. If you’re into home remedies, olive oil can help soften and dissolve ear wax too. Simply get a few drops in your ear and let the solvent do its work over the course of the day. If you have a stubborn buildup, then you might have to go a few rounds to solve the problem.

If you really want to get aggressive with a wax buildup, then irrigation is the answer. For this, you use a syringe (it should NOT have a needle) with clean water. After you soften the wax with solvents, you can use the syringe to squirt water into your ear. The force of the water will push the wax out, and your ears will be clean.

If you’re not comfortable with this, it is 1000 percent ok to let a medical professional do it for you.

And with that, you have clean ears.



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