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What are Micro Modal & viscose fabrics?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



What are Micro Modal & viscose fabrics?

How’s it hanging?

No, it’s us, MANSCAPED™. We’re seriously asking. How’s it hanging?

Considering we have the power to see into your very soul, we can respond to your answer. It’s not actually quite hangin’ right now, and that’s because you need better boxers.

Never fear. We’re saving the day again. We’ve redesigned our boxers, and we’re unveiling the Boxers 2.0. Yes, we reinvented boxers, and at the heart of this undergarment revolution is some cool fabric science. We’re into micro modal and viscose fabrics now, and by the time you’re done reading, you will be, too.

What is Micro Modal fabric?

If you’re going to take advantage of amazing new boxers with Micro Modal fabric, you might want to know what that’s all about. So, let’s have a little science lesson.

In order to really understand what this fabric is and why it’s great, we’re going to have to go through three ideas: rayon, Modal fabrics, and viscose fibers.

Modal rayon

The sciency phrase you’ll see a lot if you Google Micro Modal fabric is “Modal rayon.” Glad that’s all cleared up now.

Being serious for a moment, rayon is a type of fabric that is made from purified cellulose fibers. That might sound a little weird, but some very clever engineers have figured out a manufacturing process that turns these fibers into super comfortable and functional cloth. It is what it is.

The term modal actually describes the manufacturing process. Keeping things simple, a modal fabric is one that is semi-synthetic. Basically, you’re taking natural raw materials and then manufacturing them in a way that changes some of their properties. So, modal rayon is made from natural materials, but it’s also human-changed, so we stick with the term semi-synthetic, or Modal.

the boxers 2.0

Viscose fibers

That covers the rayon, but what is viscose? Well, this is a term that describes the specific fibers. When you make modal rayon, the method produces a type of fiber that can be classified as viscose. Viscose fibers come in a lot of different grades, and higher-grade viscose fibers are awesome for delicate clothing (like, maybe, boxers).

The power of micro

Lastly, we need to talk about what it means to have a microfiber. This might be more familiar to some of you, but we’ll cover it all the same. Whenever you make a fabric, microfibers are, as the name suggests, very small. Smaller fibers produce a softer, silkier touch.

So, a micro modal fabric is different from a modal fabric because it has smaller fibers. Those smaller fibers are great for improving the softness and tactile feel of the fabric. In short, a Micro Modal fabric is more comfortable on your junk than something with larger fibers might be.

What makes Micro Modal great?

Now that you’re an expert on Micro Modal fabrics and materials engineering, let’s talk about why all of this effort was put into your boxers. It’s because these fabrics have a lot to offer.

Smooth feel

Because of the very small fibers, micro modal boxers are very, very smooth. They feel soft and comfortable against your skin, creating boxers that are cushioning and loving on your favorite body parts.

If you’ve ever enjoyed silk boxers before, then micro modal boxers are up your alley. Of course, these new boxers don’t come with the drawbacks of silk. Silk can get hot, sweaty, and unpleasant. And it’s often overpriced.

Tight fit

Another advantage of this space fabric is that it provides a comfortable tight fit. Let’s be real. The only reason briefs ever existed is that sometimes boxers let it all hang a little too free — especially if you’re doing something physically active.

It’s nice to have a little support, but tight-fitting underwear often digs in and gets uncomfortable.

Micro Modal underwear is able to give you the best of all worlds. The elasticity of the fibers allows the fabric to give you a nice, gentle, supportive hug. But, it never grabs on too tightly, so you still have incredibly comfortable boxers that fit great.


Since these boxers fight a little tighter, then you probably want a breathable fabric. Good news, friend. Micro Modal fabrics are very breathable. You won’t feel like the boys are getting choked (even if you’re into that kind of thing).

Instead, every day is just the right amount of a breezy day. Your stuff stays cool and happy, even while your boxers give you the support you so desperately need.

the boxers 2.0


A lot of the things we’ve explained up until now orbit the idea of comfort, and that’s not an accident. We’re trying really hard to convince you that these new boxers will feel good when you wear them. We’re true believers; we wear this stuff ourselves.

But, there’s an idea of comfort that really sets Micro Modal underwear apart, and that actually has to do with moisture wicking. Moisture wicking is great because it keeps you from stewing in your own sweat. On a hot day, moisture wicking helps you stay cool. In the depths of winter, it helps you stay warm.

Is it magic? No. It’s just that cotton fabrics are known to absorb a lot of water, and when they do, they become really good thermal conductors, which is bad for your comfort. Thermal conductors make you cold when it’s cold outside and hot when the weather is warm.

The wicking advantage of Micro Modal fabric

With that said, let’s talk about what makes this particular moisture wicking so special.

It all boils down to how moisture wicking works. It’s based on the science of capillary action. Basically, a good moisture-wicking fabric is one where the fibers (more often than not) sit perpendicular to your skin. This arrangement means that the fibers serve as a bunch of tiny straws (like the ones you use for drinking). These straws draw moisture away from your skin and to the surface of the fabric.

This effectively keeps you dry, but it comes at a price. For those who don’t know, cotton is very bad at this (the fibers tend to lay flat against your skin), and wool is great at it. Are you seeing the catch yet?

The arrangement of good moisture-wicking fibers tends to make the fabric very itchy and irritating. It’s just sitting there poking you all day long.

Micro Modal fabric is special because of the engineering that goes into it. The viscose fibers are very soft, so they don’t irritate you. On top of that, they are microfibers, making them that much more pleasant against your skin.

Micro Modal gives you all of the advantages of moisture-wicking underwear with none of the usual discomfort. When we say that these new boxers are comfortable, we mean that on a whole new scale.

manscaped boxers 2.0


The last cool thing about Micro Modal fabric is that it’s durable. You can get some quality boxers that will last you multiple years without getting those embarrassing wear holes in them. Hopefully, you’ll never understand that problem too intimately.

Improving your life with Boxers 2.0

Let’s wrap this up. The new Boxers 2.0 are designed with Micro Modal fabrics. You get all of these great advantages for boxers that redefine your very notion of comfort. Meanwhile, they wick moisture extremely well, offer support that doesn’t come at a price, and last a long time. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. You’re welcome.



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