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The male grooming secret all hairy men must try

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



The Male Grooming Secret All Hairy Men Must Try

Men who are naturally hair-free have a far easier primping regimen than men who sport a coat of woolen hair from neck to navel. Without hair, a little sudsing with a standard bar of soap will often do the trick. On the other hand, Furry fellas have to withstand the sweat stench that often hangs around in hair follicles. And, let's not forget about the simple discomfort that can occur when man fur rubs against the body of another human being. 

Fortunately, if you're a dude who dons a sweater vest made of your own manly molecular structures, we've got good news for you. There's one male grooming secret that's specifically designed for guys who've got a lot of hair growing in places beyond (and below) the tops of their heads.

Allow us to introduce you to MANSCAPED™.

It's a universe where hair-covered guys unite in a community that teaches them how to make the most of their hair by telling it, "goodbye".

It's an online space that makes sense in your real-life place; this is Manscaped's world, and we're glad we get to extend a greeting to you. 

Why is MANSCAPED the Male Grooming Secret Every Hairy Man Must Try?

Foiling the folly of a naturally hairy body can be a full-time job in and of itself. You've got products to purchase, techniques to try out, and methodologies to master. It's not always easy, but hairy men have made this situation work for themselves throughout history. Thankfully, you've got a partner in the process now that you've found Manscaped. Our entire line is designed with you in mind. We've got the stuff you need to whittle away at the huge puffs of tufts that hang out beyond the buttons of your shirts, and our razors can easily plow through the weed-filled garden you call your front- or back-side. 

We're here for you, and our entire brand is built on the basis that any unwanted hair should be easily eliminated if you have the right tools. We have the right tools. Soon, you will, too. 

Man Opening His Shirt To Show Chest Hair

How MANSCAPED Makes Grooming Easier for Hairy Guys

Unwanted wool doesn't have to stick around forever. You have the power of pure-skin possibilities at your fingertips. You just need to sign on to the idea that smooth skin will enable you to experience life as you've never done before. Once you're on board, MANSCAPED will happily guide you toward smooth skin that potential partners can't resist.

Rule #1: The easiest way to maintain a hairy body is to eliminate the hair in the first place

Just like sweaters have de-fuzzers, hairy men who are wise to the grooming game have tools in their arsenal that'll take the extra layer away with minimal effort. The result provides zero irritation and plenty of positive feedback from potential partners.

How you ask? Great question! 

It all starts with the way the tools and processes marry themselves together during body-focused regimens. Having the mindset of eliminating unwanted hair doesn't mean anything if you don't have the processes in place to do the duty correctly. 

With MANSCAPED's tool and product lineup, you'll have every stage of hair removal covered. From the Magic Mat™ shaving mat, which keeps rogue hairs from going astray in your bathroom's crevices and stops follicles from finding their way into the cracks of your hallways to the perfect post-shave spritzer, MANSCAPED has literally created products that cover the entire process of uncovering bare, shaven skin.

If you don't want to figure out how to maintain your body hair, just get rid of it. There are a dozen reasons this rationale will work out best for you in the end.

Rule #2: It all begins with pre-shower & pre-shave prep

So, you're ready to mow down the lawn that lives on your body's landscape. Cool. Have you taken the steps necessary to prep your soon-to-be-smooth canvass before you enlisted the tools that'll take your hair from the air to the roots? If not, let's back up before you cause your skin unnecessary harm and irritation.

The Lawn Mower 4.0

Hairy men need to prep their skin pre-shave by putting a great trimmer to the task before they begin to endeavor in any other situation. The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 trimmer has no fear of the unknown. It's made to make pathways for the people it serves. It dodges bullets, eliminates hair, and leaves the body a little more hair-free than it was when it stumbled upon it. 

Before you start to shave, make sure you trim the longer hairs down with a trimmer that's built to bust up hairy body tufts. Once that's done, you'll want to be sure to use a body wash that's meant for men like Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wash. The grossness and goo that accumulate on a man's body can easily be busted up and sent down the drain with a body wash that's meant to sanitize and hydrate at the same time.

A Man's Happy Trail

Multi-tasking isn't for everyone, and it's certainly not for every product, but the ones that can make it work do it well. MANSCAPED is proud to say, we've figured out how to multi-task in our own way. We've got pre-shave cleansers, razors that avoid irritation, and post-contact remedies that keep sensitive skin happy. It all comes together in one swift situation where smooth skin and sultry what-if circumstances stand side-by-side.

Are you willing to bet your best on another pre-shave solution? If not, welcome to the MANSCAPED world. We've got you covered.

Rule #3: Post-hairiness doesn't end when the hair is gone

Here's one secret most hairy men don't realize when they're no longer...well...hairy. After-care is essential when you remove hair from your body. You need to apply ingredients to your skin that'll combat irritation and keep your freshly shaven skin happy. No matter if you recently shaved your balls or your bodice, the after-care duties are the same—you need to introduce products that are formulated with soothing aloe, anti-bacterial protection, anti-chaffing mechanisms, and witch hazel ingredients that reduce inflammation.

What to Do If You're a Hairy Man Who Wants to Be Hairless

Start with the vision you want for your own body. Do you want to be completely hairless, or do you just want to shape the hair you have on your body into a more reasonable situation? Once you've laid out the roadmap, you just need to find brands and products that adhere to your soon-to-be-hairless standards. MANSCAPED is here for you. Tweet us while you undergo your journey. We'd love it if you'd bring us along for the ride!

Although winter's on its way, you shouldn't feel obligated to wear your natural chest fuzz as a means of keeping your body warm during the cold season. That's what thermal shorts and store-bought sweaters are for. If you're ready to get back to basics and realize the beauty of your bare chest, MANSCAPED has all the tools you need to de-fuzz your front and back sides.

Start your grooming man venture by putting MANSCAPED to work for you. With a few clicks of your mouse, you'll go from a burly chest to bare skin that's ready to be touched!




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