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May 23, 2017

How to Take Care of Your Shoes

Shoes can be an expensive investment and you really want them looking their best at all times. It doesn’t take much maintenance, just proper maintenance to keep them looking fresh for a long time! Here are some tips for keeping your kicks fresh AF!

Protect and polish your leather shoes - When you get them home from the store, start treating that expensive leather by polishing it! Before you put them on each time, polish them to keep them looking new and prevent scuffs. Leather shoes tend to be the priciest investment, make sure you give them extra love and they will last you a long time!

Protect and brush your suede shoes - Suede is a very difficult material to maintain and often just as costly as leather shoes! Invest in a suede eraser for stains and a brush to keep the their soft finish.  It’s also very important to invest in a protective spray to keep if from being damaged by water and other outside elements. Although they look very nice, be prepared to baby those suede shoes!

Avoid using sponges - It's very convenient to clean your shoes with a sponge but sponges can contain  harmful ingredients that can ruin the material on your shoes. Be sure to buy a kit exclusively for cleaning your shoes!

Add a rubber sole to dress shoes - Before wearing new dress shoes, find a cobbler and add a rubber sole to them. This will not only give you traction but it will protect your soles. Also, rubber soles are easier and cheaper to replace. You will have those dress shoes for all long time if you put in a little extra insurance!

Hand wash your canvas shoes - Canvas can get dirty pretty quickly but don’t just toss them in your washer! The best thing you can do for them is hand wash them with fabric shampoo and water. This method doesn’t put so much wear on your shoes, especially since you will be cleaning them so often!

Condition your leather shoes - The nice expensive leather can dry out and crack! Take some time to condition your shoes before you put them away. This will preserve your shoes and the appearance of your shoes for a long time!

Use newspaper - You can use newspaper (or your Manscaped Magic Mat??) to save your water drenched shoes! If you get caught in a sudden downpour and you shoes are drenched inside and out, save them by stuffing newspaper into them immediately and let them dry!

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