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Best Men's Grooming Clippers

Below-the-waist grooming is amazing. It makes you feel fresh, sexy, and just better. There’s a reason guys who start grooming keep doing it. But, if you really want to reap the most from your efforts, you need the best tool. What makes one set of men’s grooming clippers better than another? Let us walk you through the design of The Lawn Mower 3.0 to show you.

Your First Time 

Perhaps the best way to convey to you everything that makes The Lawn Mower 3.0 amazing is to walk you through your first time using it. To call it a magical experience would be underselling. Really, the first time you use a 3.0 is when you truly become a man. Let us set the stage for your bar mitzvah of male grooming.

The Feel of It in Your Hands

Nothing beats that first touch. Your hands gingerly run along the long shaft. There’s an explosive energy that excites you deep to your core. You know something special is going to happen. The 3.0 is smaller than you expected. It’s so light you feel like there’s no weight to it at all. It’s surprisingly easy to grip. If someone had told you how small it was, you might have worried about being to hold it well. Now that it’s in your grasp, you understand. This is why ergonomics were invented. It’s all to give you more control when you trim your pubic hair.

At this moment, you have absolute confidence. Before you even hit the power switch, you understand why this is the tool. Clearly, it can navigate your nether regions deftly, and with virtually no practice, you can see yourself becoming a master groomer. You might even pick up some flashy flair techniques. That could be fun.

the lawn mower 2.0

The Amazing Stroke

That’s enough foreplay. You’re ready to see what this thing can really do, so you turn it on. A slew of new surprises greets you. It’s quiet. You never realized how disconcerting the noise from trimmers and shavers was. Now that you have The Lawn Mower 3.0 whispering in your hand, you understand. You’ll never put one of those obsolete garden tools near your precious balls again. That work will only be entrusted to the startlingly quiet 3.0.

 It also doesn’t shake your hand. It’s clear that you could operate this trimmer for a long time without going numb or getting tingly fingers. Considering the work ahead, that’s also comforting. Impatient, you give it the first stroke.

It’s like butter. Despite the quiet, the high-RPM motor is working overtime. The sharp blades shear through your pubes like they aren’t even there. Tugging? What’s that? With only a single stroke, it’s clear that this trimmer reduces nicks and cuts. It’s designed to tame the wildest of bushes. Now that you have this amazing tool, your bush will never return to the wilderness. It’s a silent vow between man and machine.

Time for Edging

The first stroke was a revelation, but the journey is far from over. Now that you’re over the shock of how amazing this experience is, you can notice plenty of other features that are already benefiting your efforts. The narrower head doesn’t just navigate the nooks and crannies between your legs well. It creates clean edges that are perfectly suited for pristine manscaping work. You may not have entered this session with a clear plan, but you now realize that you can do art down there. 

It’s also easy to control the length of your pubes. You took our advice and rocked the longest cutting guard first. It’s less of a commitment and gives you time to understand the handling of the trimmer before you get to more detailed work. With a few experiments, you see that you can go from close stubble to long-but-manicured bush with ease. Whether or not you’re ready for that today, you can see that the possibilities are endless.

the lawn mower 2.0 blade module

Cleaning Up After

The moment has passed. After all of the excitement and anticipation, you’re left standing there — a little dazed and a mess on the floor. Thankfully, you invested in The Perfect Package 3.0 and you paid attention to one of the most important items in the kit. You laid down a Magic Mat before you dropped your shorts, and cleaning up the mess couldn’t be easier. That’s a nice change of pace.

As for The Lawn Mower 3.0, it’s also easy to clean. It includes a brush for dry cleaning, but it’s also waterproof. You realize that you can dust it off and then run it under the sink for a thorough cleansing. You’ll never be worried about clogging this trimmer with hair clippings. Clearly, it was designed from the ground up to make everything about grooming pleasant and simple.

Recharging for Another Round

The last thing you’ll fully appreciate about this trimmer is the convenient charging. These days, we expect rechargeable batteries in all of our electric equipment, but it’s nice when the design gets it all right from the start. The Lawn Mower 3.0 runs on a lithium-ion battery. You aren’t worried about stockpiling replacements. It also charges on a USB cord. This makes it more universal than a traditional wall charger. You already have tons of USB charging ports. You can give this thing juice anywhere. Even if you travel internationally, your trimmer won’t need specialty adapters.

Better yet, you can forget to recharge this thing repeatedly and it will still work. It’s tested for 90 minutes of nonstop trimming. In grooming terms, that’s a lot of cutting time. You can get in multiple sessions between charges, so forgetting every now and then is no big deal.

Using the Whole Package

Great athletes will often say they’re only as great as their support team. There’s truth in that, and apparently it applies to manscaping equipment too. The Lawn Mower 3.0 is impressive all on its own, but the reason it stands above the competition is because it comes with a whole suite of top-shelf performance enhancers — when you invest in The Perfect Package 3.0. Let us show you how it all works.

It Starts With a Trim 

We just went through the entire first trimming experience, so we won’t bore you with redundancy. We’ll remind you that trimming comes before showering in a proper shower. We’re right. Anyone who argues with us is wrong. Now that you’re convinced, The Lawn Mower 3.0 only really shines in the first step of grooming. There are several important steps that follow.

Now You Have Permission to Shower 

Once grooming is complete, you want to step into the shower. It should be obvious, but this saves your plumbing from a lot of pain. More importantly, it gives you a chance to wash the areas you just groomed. Especially after shaving, they’re going to be at a higher risk of contracting skin infections. You can handle that on a lot of body parts, but you never want to experience a ball infection.

Showering also clears the skin of irritants and opens the pores. This is important to help your skin rehydrate after a shave. Even if you only rinsed, it would be a good first step to restoring the protective outer layer of your skin. When you shower with Crop Cleanser, you use a formula that is designed to accelerate this process. If you want the benefits of manscaping without the downside, showering with Crop Cleanser and following up with the next two steps is key.

manscaped formulations

Use Some Deodorant 

Hang on. Some of you follow us a little too blindly. It’s cute, but you need to put that spicy deodorant down. After you dry your junk, you want specialized ball deodorant. Crop Preserver is designed for the goods. It’s gentle. It keeps you cool and reduces friction. It also has a special formula to pick up where Crop Cleanser left off. Just rub a little deodorant into the skin you groomed and let the healing go.

Aftershave Is Tricky

Once your deodorant dries (which takes basically no time at all), you want to apply Crop Reviver. It’s the final formula. It has a restorative formula that works in concert with the other two. It also includes an aloe-based treatment that combats irritation and razor burn. One or two spritzes is plenty. From there, you’re ready to get dressed, and you’re done grooming.

By now, you understand what makes the best men’s grooming clippers so special. If you want your manscaping skills to live up to the tools you use, you need some quality tips. You’ll find them all at



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