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Male Grooming for Teens

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



male grooming for teens

Here at MANSCAPED™, we try to provide guys with the things they need to succeed at grooming and in life. We spend a lot of time talking about and to guys who are somewhat established in their adulthood. We don't want to ignore the fact that many men are just entering that phase of their life. We'd like to be able to help all of the teen guys out there. With that in mind, this will be a crash course in grooming designed for older teens.

It All Starts With the Face

Grooming is about a whole lot more than what's going on below the waist. It's about the whole body, but your face is the most visible of everything you groom. It's also one of the trickier parts of the body to manage, which is why it's such a great place to start. Grooming your face, you can learn the concepts of managing hair and skin care, along with the essentials of style. Even though most teens won't have dense enough facial hair to access every style (kudos to those of you who are an exception), what you learn now will apply for the rest of your life. Learning to groom with precision and take good care of your skin after you groom is the most fundamental part of grooming and hygiene.

So, let's talk about facial hair. Most of you have probably already tried shaving at least once. We're here to tell you that you might be doing it wrong because it can be hard on your skin and make your face irritated, red, and itchy. We suggest you trade your razor for a trimmer. It gives you more options, and as you learn to use it as an extension of your hand, you'll unlock all kinds of style options that let you pull off whatever look you want. Aside from being easier on your face, a trimmer gives you tons more control over the length of your hair. 

Teen Boy Standing With A Backpack

Pay Attention to Your Body

For the rest of your grooming routine, it's going to vary wildly. Some guys look like sasquatch at the age of 16. Others don't get all of their body hair until after 25. It's all within a normal range, so no matter where you are on the spectrum, you shouldn't sweat it. The real point is that you're going to have to make adjustments to your male grooming to account for how hairy you are.

Still, The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 trimmer is your primary weapon. Any body hair that seems to be a little unruly or unkempt should be trimmed a bit to keep it under control; this is true for your neck, chest, back, and under the belt. Some guys even have to trim their arms. It just depends.

When you are grooming your body, here are some golden rules. It's perfectly ok to have visible hair on any part of your body that is in the front. On the back, the rule of thumb is to keep things as bare as reasonable. Now, before you get too crazy, there are parts of your own body that you just can't shave and this is where wax kits and someone you trust goes a long way. The wax means you don't have to do this procedure very often, and an extra set of eyes keeps you from missing any spots.

Here's another way to think about it. If you can see the hair, you can reasonably decide how it should be groomed. If you can't see it without a mirror, consider getting rid of it (the exception being the back of your head, of course). It's best to stick with a trimmer until you get your groin-grooming habits down pat.

Understand That It's About More Than Groin Hair

We just spent some quality time discussing grooming, but that's just one step. It's really about total body care, and to master that, you have to think about the big picture. Grooming and hygiene includes fitness, skincare, mental well-being, and the rest of the package. We'll take you on a brief tour to help you come up with your total routine.


When you groom, you put your skin through hardships. You want to take care to undo that roughness, so your skin stays healthy and attractive. For starters, that means showering better. At least once a month, you're going to start exfoliating in the shower. That requires you to get an exfoliating tool. We recommend a loofah, but it's really up to you.

Also, in the shower, you're going to be more diligent about washing. You want to gently scrub all the parts of your body, and you want to do it with a good soap designed to promote healthy skin. If it smells great, too, that's a double win. That's why we made Crop Cleanser™. It's an all-in-one that can go in your hair and all over your body. If you shower with this, half of the skincare battle is already won.

The last big thing in skin care is moisturizing. You've heard this plenty of times, and for a good reason. Moisturizing won't feel important when you're a teen, but by the time you can legally drink, it will be one of the most important habits in your life. Start now. That's doubly important for post-grooming care. After you cut hair on your body, apply some Crop Reviver™. It has a soothing formula that will help restore your skin and make you feel great.


Another part of grooming that is woefully neglected by the masses is fingernails and fingertips. We make The Shears 2.0™ to help you with this. It's a total kit that includes clippers, a file, scissors, and more. You need to learn how to use every one of these devices, and here's your first tip. The clippers aren't for shaping your fingernails; they're just for getting rid of excess length. You should use the file every time you clip. It will make a big difference.


The last part of male grooming is health and fitness. A lot of guys get into it because they think it will impress the ladies. While that's often true, everyone quickly realized that there is personal value in this process. Below-the-waist grooming is about feeling your best. As such, it works better if you pair it with the healthiest lifestyle you can manage; this means getting exercise and eating well.

Let's start with exercise. You're a teenager. Your body is ready to respond to workouts like never before. You'll find that you can master new workouts and skills in just a few weeks and reach new fitness goals. It's pretty amazing, and the best part is that every bit of progress you make now will improve your quality of life forever. Workout skills stick around.

The same goes for eating healthy. Any habit you develop now will stick with you through the years. If you make it to your 30s and don't have to completely change your diet and workout lifestyle, you'll be very happy with yourself. Until then, a good diet and exercise will bring out your best. You'll feel great. You'll be happier. You can take on the world.

When it comes to grooming and hygiene, we're here to provide everything you need. Whether it's the toolkit for male grooming and skincare (The Perfect Package 4.0™) or its valuable knowledge to help you succeed at grooming, you'll find it all right here at MANSCAPED.COM. Stick around. Browse to your heart's content if you want to learn about the benefits of shaving male pubic hair, and check back in now and then. We never stop updating, and you'll never find a shortage of resources.



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