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Best Men's Ball Wipes

When it comes to male grooming, you probably envision all the things that happen behind the privacy of your own bathroom door. Sure, that's where it starts, but no matter what kind of care you give your balls in the bathroom, they're sure to get a little rough around the edges after they've been kept in the confines of your boxers for hours on end. This is why a well-rounded manscaping regimen is essential for guys who really want to experience the best male grooming possible.

But, how can this be achieved?

A simple swipe of a Crop Mop ball wipes can take away smells, erase sweat, and delete bad bacteria. It's the best on-the-go ball wipe on the market. What makes it so special? Let's take a look!

1. Small and Discreet Packaging

Crop Mop ball wipes come in small, easy-to-hide packages. Each ball wipe is individually wrapped in a sterile wrapper that's about the size of a credit card. Simply open the packaging, take out the wipe, and give your boys a quick rub down for a refresher anytime, anywhere. Because they're small and discreet, you can easily hide these little gems anywhere you might need them, including:

  • Your gym bag
  • Your laptop case
  • Your glovebox
  • Your back pocket
  • Your wallet
  • Your camping gear

Nobody else will even know they're there, but people around you will appreciate the fact that you're not bringing crotch stink with you when you're in enclosed spaces. 

crop mop

2. Anti-Bacterial Ingredients

You may not realize it, but sweat by itself isn't the cause of swamp crotch. It only starts the process. Bacteria is actually the culprit for smelly scrotums, but it doesn't do that work alone. When you sweat (which is a given, considering the confined space in which you keep your balls), the sweat clings to your skin, hair, and pores. As it collects, bacteria begins to form, which ultimately produces the undesirable stench that's known to rise up from the crotches of men around the world.

Crop Mop takes care of this bad bacteria with a simple wipe or two. Rest assured, it's not going to harm your sensitive skin, however. It's not like pouring hydrogen peroxide on your private parts and hoping for the best. Not at all! Crop mop's ingredients are specifically formulated to go on your phallus with a soothing, calming feeling that keeps the bad things at bay.

3. Soothing Sensation

There's nothing quite as uncomfortable as walking around with ball sacks that are dripping with sweat. On the other hand, there's nothing quite as relaxing as knowing your guys are in good shape after a nice, clean rubdown. 

Crop Mop comes complete with an aloe-based formula that naturally provides soothing comfort to your skin. Some ball wipes claim to cleanse your crevices, but can they soothe your skin, too? We think not. The aloe in Crop Mop puts it a head above the competition (pun intended).

4. Environmental Friendliness

In most cases, if you really want to get your nuts clean, you'll need to opt for a wash rag that can get down and dirty with your dirty parts, but who wants to carry a washcloth around all the time? Not only that, but what are you going to do with it when you're finished? You would have two options: throw it away or walk around with a soon-to-be-moldy rag in your bag. 

Crop Mop eliminates these problems with its biodegradable environmental friendliness. Thanks to the soft, woven material, it's sturdy and able to get even the toughest jobs done. In other words, if your ass needs a good wiping, too, you can trust these towelettes to creep into your crack without leaving weird leftovers behind for you to find later. Plus, each wipe is completely flushable, meaning you can discreetly dip into any stall around the world and give your balls a quick check-in without feeling guilty or trying to figure out how to hit the trash can without anyone seeing your unmentionables.

manscaped boxers

5. Active pH Control™

If you don't know the importance of pH balance, you're probably doing it wrong. In short, your body needs a balanced amount of acids and alkalines to be healthy. When it comes to the sensitive skin of your scrotum, it's imperative to ensure proper pH balance because too much acidity or alkalinity can disturb the skin's natural balance, leading to irritation, itchiness, and even uncomfortable rashes.

With Crop Mop, you can put your fears of an unbalanced ball sack aside because this manscaping tool was intentionally designed to prevent itching and irritation. The Active pH Control™ component neutralizes acidity and alkaline elements, ensuring your skin is able to continue producing its naturally protective sebum layer without being disturbed or disrupted by the ingredients found in each wipe.

6. Better Than Store-Bought Brands

Chances are, if you stroll into your local grocery store to get some ball wipes, you're going to come out with a product that was created for toddlers. Will they wipe your sack in a sensitive way? Sure they will. After all, they were designed for babies who wear diapers and depend on adults to keep them clean. Will they focus on your adult male needs, ensuring your body maintains the proper amount of moisture and hydration while wiping away unwanted bacteria? Of course they won't. They weren't designed to do such a thing.

Crop Mop from MANSCAPED is a cut above the rest because it was created with one specific purpose in mind: cleaning men's nuts.

We challenge you to go to any supermarket or convenience store and ask the clerk which aisle men's ball wipes live in. If you're not escorted out by the police for an indecent proposal, you probably still won't find what you're looking for because only Manscaped produced the type of materials you need to get a good start on clean balls.

7. What You Need if You Travel for Work

"Travel" can mean anything from roaming around in your car all day to sitting in airports with long layovers. In any event, when your balls get restless, they need to be calmed. With Crop Mop, you can easily refresh your below-the-belt body parts without needing access to a shower or any soap at all. In fact, each wipe comes complete with everything you need to kill bacteria, get rid of sweat, and step foot into your next meeting with confidence.

8. A Clean Scent

We've all been subjected to manly products that make people run out of the elevator when they encounter our whereabouts. What is it about man-branded products that make companies feel like they need to exert extra power over us by way of extraordinary whiffs? Fortunately, you don't need to worry about that with Crop MOP. These little beasts go to work on your balls without requiring extra attention. The scent is clean and unnoticeable, just like you've taken a shower and put on clean shorts in the middle of the day. At MANSCAPED, we're not fans of unsavory scents, and we don't think our customers should be, either. Our goal is to give you clean balls, and with a single wipe (or two), we've done our jobs.

MANSCAPED Perfect Package

9. The Perfect Complement to a Full Male Grooming Regimen

Whether you're going balls to the walls with a smooth scrotum, or you simply want to clean up your junk with a quick wipe of a Crop Mop, we've got you covered. MANSCAPED provides tools and products for the everyday man, so you can become a well-procured gentleman at your leisure. Because they're small and compact, you can keep Crop Mop ball wipes with you wherever you go, but a true grooming regimen needs a little more planning:

  • Trim the top layer. The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer will mow down your unruly hair so you can be more confident, no matter the circumstance.
  • Shower well. This means using a body wash that's meant for post-shave priorities. This is where Crop Cleanser body wash comes in handy.
  • Finish it off. Before you step into your briefs, be sure to apply our ball deodorant and after-care toner. You'll be amazed at the difference these elements make.

At MANSCAPED, your balls are our business. We take pride in creating products and tools that take care of your, well, tools. Start your grooming routine today by ordering today. 



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