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Benefits of Shaving Pubic Area

What's that you say? You have hair down there and you can't decide if it should stay or go? What are women's thoughts on manscaping? Well, there are certainly several schools of thought regarding the pubic area, but if you want MANSCAPED's advice, we can tell you there are quite a few benefits to shaving your below-the-waist area. What are they? Let's take a look by way of this manscaping tutorial!

Let's Start with Why You Have Pubes in the First Place

Most mammals don't have pubic hair. In fact, we stand alone with our thick bushes that grow along the pubic bone. When's the last time you saw a dolphin or an aardvark sporting a big, hairy bush? Okay, let's be honest—when's the last time you saw a dolphin or an aardvark at all? That's not the point, though! The point is, while other mammals share our hairy exteriors at some point or another in their lives, we're the only ones who take below-the-deck hair growth to an extreme. Even primates that are covered from head to toe with hair usually have thinner coats of fuzz when you get down there

So, what is it about humans that makes our fur grow wild when it gets around the willy? There are some theories. Back in the day—long before men put their pants on one leg at a time—people didn't actually wear any clothes at all. Sure, you might see Fred and Wilma Flintstone sporting some pretty fashionable apparel when they're running errands around the town of Bedrock, but that's not realistic. Spoiler alert: Fred's vehicle also probably wasn't a reality back in those days. At any rate, without clothing, it was able to gauge the age and sexual maturity of potential mates since the pubic area doesn't start to grow hair until puberty sets in. At that point, people who were looking for supple mates with whom to make babies could easily assess the likelihood that this would be possible. If someone didn't have any hair on their pubic area, they weren't likely to contribute to the child-creating process just yet. On the other hand, if a person had a wild and wacky bush, he or she was likely hormonally capable of continuing the bloodline. 

At some point, we put the dinosaurs away and started wearing clothes. It was no longer as easy to see who was of baby-making age. With that, evolution adjusted and gave us pheromones—the hormones that send super subtle smells and signals to our potential mates. Although the hair was hidden behind swaths of cloth at this time, pubic hair was able to grab onto the goods, enabling men and women to come together in good times because they had subconscious attraction to one another, thanks to the pheromones that were hitching a ride on their pubes. 

As time progressed, today's clothing became a natural part of life, so not only can we no longer see how sexually mature our potential partners are; we also can no longer smell such a thing. At least, that's how it should go if you're bathing regularly and switching out your underwear on regular occasions. Your pheromones should never be hanging out for lengthy periods of time, harbored by the pubic hair that grows below the waistline.

benefits of shaving pubic area

So that brings us to the next question: 

Why Would You Keep Your Pubes?

"Should I manscape?" We get asked this a lot.

You're no longer forced to attract potential mates by the size of your crop. In fact, an unruly tuft of hair down there could actually send potential mates running in the opposite direction. Of course, that's not going to happen until you've already brought that person back to your cave and taken off your outer layer. How embarrassing it must be to see people running out of your place screaming because they've never seen such a caveman appearance on the modern man!

We don't want that situation for you. That's why MANSCAPED has produced an entire line of male grooming products that work for your penis and balls, not against them. At one point in time, pubes had their purpose, but if you're interested in getting rid of them at this point in your life, let's talk about the benefits of such action, as well as the tools you'll need to get the job done correctly.

Why would you keep hair on your pubic area? The answer is simple: you don't have to. 

1. Shaving your pubes keeps you cooler

Let's say it's the middle of summer when temperatures are soaring well above a comfortable level. Would you wear a sweater to the beach when you're trying to sunbathe? Of course not. You also wouldn't put your body through a sweater-covered heat session when you're already facing a toasty thermometer. This is the challenge your balls face every day. No matter how hot or cold it is outside, it's always going to be steamy inside your shorts. When you keep your pubes intact, you're adding an extra layer of insulation to this already toasty body position. 

By shaving your pubic area, you're eliminating that extra sweater that locks in heat and invites steamy discomfort as the day goes on. 

2. Shaving your pubes makes sex feel more intimate

Sex is all about skin-to-skin contact. No matter how soft or rough you like it, the ultimate goal is to have two bodies intertwined in a moment or few of complete ecstasy. Have you ever thought about the barrier you're putting between you and the other body when you're sporting a bunch of pubic hair? While pubic hair can help relieve friction in your pants, it's not going to do much when there's another body on top of you (or underneath you). 

For a truly intimate connection that brings both bodies together with skin-to-skin contact, shaving your pubes is the way to go. The sensitive spots become even more aroused when there's nothing standing in the way of their divine happiness.

3. Shaving your pubes keeps crotch stench to a minimum

You might think that sweat is the cause of your crotch stench, but that's not technically the case. In fact, crotch stench—and most of your body odor—is created when bad bacteria starts accumulating on your body. Sweat, of course, gives the bacteria a channel on which to ride, as it glides from one area of your skin to the other, but it's not actually the cause, per se, of your stink. Here's where pubic hair really comes into play, though. When you don't have any pubes, the bacteria can't stick around on your body for very long. That means it likely finds its way into your drawers and gets washed when you do your next load of laundry. When you have a full bush, on the other hand, that bacteria has a playground in which to breed its little bacterial babies, forming colonies of icky things that eventually cause your entire between-the-legs region to wreak.

To avoid crotch stench, eliminate the hair that can hold bad bacteria there.

4. Showering is quicker when you're not dealing with pubic hair

If you shower thoroughly, it'll take more time to do this duty when you have pubic hair. Why? Because, as we mentioned above, pubic hair has a tendency to capture bad bacteria and hold it within the follicles and roots of your groin garden. This means you need to take special care to shampoo your southern hemisphere just as much as you do your head if you want to ensure all the gross stuff is knocked out and sent down the drain. 

When you don't have a bunch of hair to deal with down below, you're shaving (pun intended) minutes off your shower time. That means you can hit the snooze button one or two more times in the morning, or wait a few extra minutes before you call it a day and climb into bed.

5. A shaved pubic region lends itself to a larger-looking penis

When your cock and balls are covered by mounds of hair, your phallus looks a tid bit on the bitsy side. Thankfully, it only takes a minute or two to clear the brush and get that bad boy looking as big as it can possibly look. All you need are the right tools for the job. Once you've gotten the hair out of the way, your tree trunk will stand tall and proud, unimpeded by furry infiltrations that could otherwise condemn its size.

benefits of shaving pubic area

6. You can feel more confident when you take your clothes off (and when they're still on)

Male grooming does something to guys' self-esteem that can't be bought or sold on the internet (unlike most things these days!) This confidence isn't something that can be bottled or boxed, shipped or packaged. However, when you primp your package properly, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel when you walk into a room. Sure, most of the people you meet are never going to come into contact with your freshly shaven balls, but you know the work you put into them, and that's really all that matters. Just like powerful women have been known to don their most scandalous undergarments before a big meeting, men who properly procure their junk can reap the rewards of increased confidence, too. 

7. Your partner will thank you

If you like oral sex, be the kind of partner who gives the gift that keeps on giving by getting rid of Mother Nature's dental floss. Let's be real—nobody likes to have short-and-curlies stuck between their teeth, and if your pubes are the culprit for your partner's discomfort, you can rest assured that those blow jobs might coming farther and fewer between as time wears on. 

To protect your personal preference when it comes to getting down and dirty in the bedroom, make sure you've manscaped your man parts in a way that's not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also non-prohibitive to all bedroom matters.

8. You can see when there's a problem down there

Not to scare you, guys, but sometimes, lumps, bumps, and other issues do arise around the region that's known to get a rise out of you. When you have too much hair in the way, you may never know when there's a suspicious problem that needs to be dealt with. Of course, these issues may arise with STDs, but those aren't the only situations that can cause unwanted things to go bump in the night; tumors and gland issues, to name a few, can also be located around the groin region. When your hair's not there, you're setting yourself up for more success in terms of early detection, should something unexpected occur.

9. You don't have to do double-takes when you wear swimwear

If you're a man who's currently donning all of his pubic covering, we hope you do a double-check before you step into public when you're wearing swim trunks. The truth is, those tricky little hairs can easily pop up and poke through material in the most embarrassing ways. 

To avoid these unseemly incidents, simply shave off all your pubes and be done with the double-take forever.

10. You'll feel more sensitivity during sexy time

Whether you're enjoying a few fun moments by yourself, or you're entertaining a partner or two, the balder your bottom skin is, the more sensation each interaction will bring you. Bald balls love to be touched, felt, and tickled; you'll feel every inch of skin far more intensely than you would if there was a layer of hair covering your private parts. 

Best Hair Removal for Men

Now that we've discussed why you need to get rid of the hair around your pubic area, let's take a few minutes to talk about how to get the job done right. It all begins with the right manscaping tools. With Manscaped's full line of tools and products, you'll be set for success as soon as you step out of the shower. Of course, it all begins before you even step in front of the mirror; the optimal manscaping session occurs three-fold: before, during, and after the shower experience. 

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Trim your tresses

Check out The Lawn Mower 2.0 trimmer—MANSCAPED'S answer to men everywhere. This powerful pube trimmer little beauty does double duty, working both in the shower and as a dry trimmer. It's important to remember that trimming is always the first thing on the agenda, as it sets the stage for the rest of your grooming endeavors. You can take a little off the top or trim it all the way down to the skin—the choice is yours. As long as you're removing the top layer of fuzz before you put your razor to work, your grooming efforts will be in good shape. 

Hop in the shower

With the hair out of the way, it's time to make sure your body is clean, fresh, and ready to impress. This is where Crop Cleanser hair and body wash comes into play. Our pH-balanced body wash works on your body and your hair (all of it, from head to toe). It's a cleansing, hydrating formula that includes soothing aloe and sea salt—both of which are perfect for freshly shaven balls.

Deodorize your nuts

After you've toweled off, do your twosome a favor by spreading a little liquid-to-powder joy around your penis. Crop Preserver is a ball deodorant that's uniquely formulated to take care of your below-the-belt area with a quick-absorbing, skin-protecting barrier of anti-chafing, stench-free goodness.

Spritz on a final spray of protectant

Don't go just yet! Before you step into your MANSCAPED boxer briefs, be sure that you've spritzed a bit of aloe vera-based Crop Reviver toner on your special spots. This little bottle does a big job, protecting the most sensitive areas from friction, burning, and inflammation that could occur post-shave. Its job is to keep sensitive areas fresher longer. 

At MANSCAPED, we proudly create everything you need to shave your pubic area safely and in style. Thanks to our full line of grooming products and tools, your pubes can be properly pampered and shaved away the right way. 


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