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Should you groom inside or outside the shower?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Should You Shave Before You Shower?

Since you’ve now joined the male grooming club and have embraced the membership guidelines of paying attention to your bits above and below the waist, it’s time to answer a critical question. To groom inside or outside the shower?

While this is less complicated than Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be” soliloquy, the grooming question has no simple answer. The reason it’s not simple is that when you say “groom” this can refer to quite a few different things and quite a few different areas of your body.

Are we talking about grooming your face? Your extremities like your arms? Your butt? Your groin region, complete with full attention to the bush, shaft, and balls?

So, to really dive into the question “should you groom inside or outside of the shower” means we need to break this grooming thing down. In our opinion, there are a few categories of male grooming:

  • General cleanliness
  • Trimming
  • Shaving 

Now we’re ready to get into the weeds here. 

man's feet in shower

Inside or outside of the shower: general cleanliness

When we say “general cleanliness” we’re talking about making sure the skin and hair on your body are clean. This means no dirt, no grime, no sweat build-up, no stankiness - clean. As a human, we’ve evolved to understand the risks of these little things called germs and we also know that overall society likes us to look and smell nice. 

In our oh, so humble opinion, to be fully clean means you not only need to use products that break up and remove the grime, dirt, and germs, but you need to be able to wash them away. This means we’re going to vote INSIDE THE SHOWER on this one. 

Step into the shower, use our amazing line of products to clean your head hair, your body hair, your groin hair, and all the skin in between, and rinse off. Just take a moment and watch all that dirt and ugh go down the drain because it’s been removed from your body. 

We have four amazing products that are a perfect complement to any shower experience as they will truly provide a well-rounded amount of clean:

  • Crop Cleanser® (This one's for the boys, and you’re welcome. It’s kind of one of our favorites.)
  • Crop Exfoliator™ (Smooth balls are the name of the game and this product gives you that extra scrub, scrub satisfaction.)

Outside of the Shower Note: 

We do want to recognize that some of you dudes experience a level of funk throughout the day and do not have immediate access to the shower until you get home. While full general cleanliness cannot be achieved during this time, we do have something that can help during the day to freshen up.

Enter Crop Mop®

Crop Mop® wipes are single-use ball, butt, and body wet wipes for you to use throughout the day. Shove them in your backpack, your briefcase, your gym bag, or even your glove compartment in your car, and use them as needed. These little babies will keep you refreshed and will wipe away stink and bacteria that builds up between showers.

man standing on magic mat

Inside or outside of the shower: trimming

Now onto trimming. The trimming part of a man’s grooming routine involves using a tool, a trimmer, to remove bulk from head and body hair. This allows for things to look and feel a lot more maintained, smooth, and tame. It also allows things like muscles and other bulging areas to stand out which is usually a positively received thing. Just saying…

For our more hairy dudes out there trimming might involve your chest, back, beard, and nether region. 

For our less hairy dudes out there, you might just be focused on the groin area. 

Whatever the case, in our opinion, trimming is one of those things you can definitely do outside of the shower.

Go to your bathroom, grab one of our Magic Mat® mats and place it on the floor, take off your drawers, grab your trusty Lawn Mower® 4.0, stand over the mat, and trim away! 

The Magic Mat® keeps all your hair trimmings in one place for easy disposal, and your bathroom has a light and a mirror, so you can see what you’re doing. Use the adjustable guards on your trimmer to take a little off the top or more until it’s the length you want and tadaa! Trimmed!

Inside of the Shower Note: 

We do want to make a note though that The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is, in fact, waterproof. This means that for those of you who like to handle everything in one place at one time, your trimming CAN take place inside the shower if you want it to. 

It has a 4000k LED spotlight so even in a darker shower you can see what you’re doing. The pressure of the shower will wash all the hair trimmings away, too. 

When your hair is wet, we do need to explain that the trimming experience will be a little different. In a shower, when hair gets wet, it smooths out and actually is longer than when it’s dry. This means when you trim in the shower and then dry off, your hair might be trimmed a little shorter than you thought when it was wet. Just something to pay attention to more than anything. A dry trim for many guys is preferred because it’s a little more accurate.  

The Lawn Mower 4.0 On It's Side

Inside or outside of the shower: shaving

Shaving involves using a razor with super sharp razor blades to cleanly cut the hair at the surface of your skin in one fell stroke. Because of this, water and a lubrication product are definitely necessary. Do not dry shave. We repeat, do NOT dry shave. That is a recipe for raw skin, friends, and that is just painful. 

Regardless if you’re shaving your face, your arms, your butt, your legs, or your shaft and balls, a shower, in our opinion, is the best way to get wet and lather up for a shave. 

If you need a quick shave and do not have access to a shower, we always recommend finding at least a sink with running water you can use. If you do not have shaving gel, please, please at least use soap or something that lathers to give your shaving surface something for the razor to glide on. Water helps soften the hair which makes shaving easier and it allows you to constantly rinse off your razor, keeping it clean throughout the shave. 

There you have it!

Or at least, you have our expert opinion.

To summarize: 

  • General cleanliness: Inside the shower, but you have temporary relief options throughout the day like Crop Mop® wipes. 
  • Trim: Outside the shower so you can see everything and trim your hair dry to the exact length, BUT our Lawn Mower® is waterproof. 
  • Shave: Inside the shower, but if you really need to outside the shower, make sure you have a water source and lubrication.



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