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How To Reduce Body Odor

You may have heard about the old saying “ you are what you eat”, in some ways, this is very true.  A lot of our body odor comes from what we are consuming. What we consume is a part of balancing our body’s PH, which greatly affects  our body odor. Now we know that most people aren’t always the eating pure and clean 100% of the time and even if you are, you aren’t invulnerable to body odor.  A very important aspect in body odor control is what you are using on your body and your cleansing routine.


How often you should be showering depends on how active you are and how balanced your skin’s PH is. Over cleansing and washing could cause your skin to be too try and being stripped of its protective oils can cause you to be more prone to infections and illness. You should be cleansing your body at least once a day to avoid bacteria and fungus from forming. One of the worst things you can get from not cleaning well is “jock itch”. It is a nasty fungus that can form all over your body but especially on your manhood! An unbalanced PH can cause sweat to smell even worse!  


That doesn’t mean you should be scrubbing and scouring your body. Just be aware that how you are cleansing and maintaining a “clean crop” is pretty important, too! Hair can capture and hold onto dirt and bacteria. In a damp environment, this can cause some serious problems! Not to mention, it will really smell. Body odor often comes from bacteria making a home for themselves on your skin, so make sure you are cleansing thoroughly!


Here are some tips to reduce your body odor:


Eat well!


Cleanse thoroughly with a PH balancing cleanser ( The Crop Cleanser).


Reduce sweat by using a PH balancing deodorant on all active areas, like the armpits, feet, and groin (The Crop Preserver is a great multipurpose moisturizing deodorant).


Reduce bacteria with antibacterial products ( The Crop Reviver is a great antibacterial refreshing spray that balances your skin’s PH!)


Wearing loose clothing and breathable fabrics will help you stay cooler and reduce your sweating.

Get Manscaped! Trimming the excess fuzz will keep you cooler and keep you from harboring bacteria and dirt! 




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