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7 best personal hygiene tips for men

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



7 best personal hygiene tips for men

Even though humans have evolved and have fancy technological devices, the world is still a dirty place. As much as humans think they are invincible, these little things called germs knock some of us outevery day. The bottom line is that if we’re going to stick around, we need to be clean. 

Why should you maintain your personal hygiene?

Maintaining good personal hygiene makes you look and smell nice too. Even if you have a subpar personality, people might still tolerate being around you if you’re clean. You also do not want to be labeled the smelly kid in the office. 

Good personal hygiene is also about self-preservation and self-care. Germs will take advantage of any situation and we’re pretty sure you’d like to avoid getting sick because you ingested your own poo particles. Or someone else's…

Also, infections are nasty. Have you ever seen what jock itch or a fungal infection in a belly button looks like? Or smells like? Ugh. We’re serious; it’s gross and these things are largely avoidable with a little scrubby dub dub.    

While we can go down the rabbit hole of why washing your hands is important, the moral of the story is that maintaining good personal hygiene is one of the best steps we can take to stay, well, alive. It’s what the World Health Organization refers to as “conditions and practices performed to preserve health,” and we think that has a nice ring to it.  

man showering

So, we’ve got a few hygiene practices of our own to help you maintain your own personal hygiene or tips for improve your existing routine:

1. Take regular showers

We do not care if you just sweat a little or did not “do much” today. Take a shower. Often. If you’re an active dude or someone who perspires when the temperature gets above 70 degrees, taking a daily shower is a good thing. This is our #1 personal hygiene tip for a reason, it's the easiest way to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene without getting into more sophisticated territory. 

Let the washer wash your worries away. And by worries we mean dirt, grime, dried sweat, dead skin cells, bacteria, etc. 

Showers also help open up your pores and soften body hair which makes things like shaving easier, so we’re a fan. 

2. Don’t forget the soap

While we’ve covered the shower part in #1, water alone does not cut it, and you need to use soap. That one-minute rinse-off might be refreshing, but it’s not doing the job. Slow down and suds up in the shower. 

Get a good lather and soap up all the nooks and crannies of your body. Soap breaks apart dirt particles, kills bacteria and makes you smell nice at the same time so take care of your body with the most basic form of hygiene practices.

Men of the world, please note that there IS a difference between soap for your body and soap for your hair. Please use not only a good body wash, but get yourself some shampoo. Our Ultra Premium™ Body Wash and 2-In-1 Shampoo + Conditioner are kind of amazing, so there you go. 

shampoo conditioner

3. Groom thyself

Take care of that mop of yours and all of your hair. Just, all the hair. Up there, down there, grooming does not just involve your head. Brush it, style it, trim it, cut it, and remember that products are your friend. Set a reminder for yourself to groom daily or weekly if you need to.

We’re just going to leave this link to The Performance Package 4.0 if you are lacking in this area. 

General grooming from head to toe is a requirement for any man trying to maintain strong personal hygiene practices. The best part about grooming is that if you look good, you'll feel good too. Improving your mental health through your physical appearance is critical!

4. Take care of your skin

Your skin needs moisture, and nobody likes a scaly person with dry, flaky skin. Dry skin also itches like a mother, so keep your skin hydrated. While drinking water is also just a healthy thing in general, using lotion and moisturizing products after a shower really helps. Hydrated skin looks healthier and is smoother and softer, making things like shaving a lot easier too. 

There are amazing products out there like our Hydrating Body Spray which is a mist can PLUS fragrance. Two birds down. 

5. Deodorant, my friend, deodorant

Guys, we sweat. We just do. And bacteria is all around us. Even if we shower and use soap, bacteria just exist and they are a constant thing that gets on our bodies (hence why showering and using soap needs to happen often). 

When sweat mingles with those lovely bacteria on your skin that we cannot see, a fun scientific thing happens. We get body odor (yes, we were lying when we called it fun). 


6. Make sure all the sweaty areas are covered

Underarms = Deodorant

Feet = Foot Duster®

Balls = Crop Preserver®

That’s easy enough, right?

7. Smell oh so nice

No, your man scent is not sufficient. There is a reason we add our authentic Refined™ cologne to our products. Pleasant scents make people happy. There’s something in the human brain that creates positive emotions out of good smells. 

So, by smelling nice not only are you masking the scent of…you, but you’re having a physiological effect on people. Just remember that subtlety goes a long way. 

Wash your hands after using the bathroom

With soap. Nuff’ said.

Repeat after us, “good hygiene is a man’s best friend.” Say it. Live it. Go forth and conquer. 



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