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Male Pubic Hair Guide for 2022

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Male Pubic Hair Guide for 2022

Although we’ve got big brains, have invented some pretty cool things, and look and act a little differently than our dogs, at the end of the day, humans are still animals. 

There is a long history called human evolution, and while certain aspects have gone away as we’ve evolved, others have stuck around. To blow your mind even further, this evolution concept is still happening. Humans will probably look different in a few tens of thousands of years (if we can manage to stick around for that long). 

A lot of people think about human evolution in terms of walking on two feet and opposable thumbs, but it’s actually applicable to every part of our body. This includes your pubic hair. 

Yes, your pubic hair has an evolutionary purpose. 

However, even though it has a purpose, there are also things like hygiene best practices and new and hip trends. So, it’s ok to give some grooming attention to your pubic area.  

We’re going to have some fun diving into the pubic hair history book and then give you some tips and tricks for your pubic hair of the modern era. 

Some pubic hair history


Pubic hair is hair that grows on and around a human’s genitals. It appears when a human starts going through puberty, and from a physical perspective, it is an actual body signal of sexual maturity. At the scientific, Animalia level, this means that when pubic hair appears, that human is physically capable of reproducing. Pubic hair also traps smells, and when animals are ready to mate, they use a lot more senses than we seem to use today.  

While physically visible pubic hair and the smell of a mate were two super relevant signals when our humanoid ancestors had no clothes and the population was scarce, this is not so much the case now.  

As with any animal, human genitalia is an extremely sensitive and vulnerable area of the body. If that area is damaged, it is much less likely to perform its role. Our body design takes things like this into consideration and is why pubic hair, for example, is thicker and coarser than other hair on our body. 

It provides a buffer during intercourse from skin-to-skin contact and prevents friction. Friction produces heat which produces moisture, and that area of a body is susceptible to sores, burns, cuts, etc. Open sores lead to infections that cause serious harm to an area or even death.

Now, fast forward. 

A few things have happened over the ages:

  • Modern humans have boundaries and understand the importance of age in relation to sex
  • Physical signs like pubic hair are not needed to attract a mate anymore 
  • Smells from the nether regions are now associated with a person not being clean (and are also not needed to attract a mate)
  • “Spreading the seed” is not the only reason for sex
  • Many people do not want to reproduce as a result of having sex, nor do they have to
  • Self-care is now a thing
  • There are a lot of options out there, and people can be picky in choosing a mate 
  • Styles and fashion are now things

With all of this though, the modern human body still thinks a little cushion is needed down there. Just in case. 

2022 Grooming Guide

Now that we’ve gone through a whirl-wind history lesson, we want the men of 2022 to get that cushion looking, smelling and feeling just right for the modern world. 

Performance Package 4.0

Tame it

While a little hair is still necessary, there is such a thing as too much. We’ve also established that pubic hair is thicker and coarser than regular hair, so it has the tendency to stick, poke, get stuck, etc. with our modern clothes. While that should all just be avoided, our modern partners also want to enjoy the sexual experience. Too much pubic hair can actually be uncomfortable for another person, cause irritation, and even be deemed unattractive. People do care if you have hairy balls now, too. 

The Performance Package 4.0 and The Perfect Package 4.0 are designed to help our modern man keep their hair situation under control overall. These packages include powerful hair-cutting tools like The Lawn Mower® 4.0, the Weed Whacker® and The Plow® 2.0. We also have Crop Gel® to help you address the boys (and it smells nice). 

Tame it more

Trimming your pubic hair and shaving your balls is all about routine. It’s not a one-and-done deal. Hair grows and will keep growing.

Our recommendation is to build in a pubic area check at least every week. Pay attention to the hair down there. If your hair grows faster, you might need to address it more often. Not as fast, not as much. For those of you with partners you trust, ask for their opinion about how long they want your hair to be. How often do they think you should shave it? 

Pubic hair grooming should be seen as part of full body hair care. We have the products and tools that allow you to give the same attention to your pubic hair as your facial hair, so let us help you.

We’ve got Crop Reviver® standing by to protect the area after that close shave for the balls as well. 

Smells so good

Crop Reviver

Attention to the pubic area is not only a good idea for general hygiene, but there are a lot of glands and folds of skin down there. These cause moisture, they sweat, and they can produce a gnarly odor by the end of the day. There are also really unpleasant things like jock itch, which is actually a fungal infection that we 100 percent want to prevent in that area. 

Remember that whole concept of attracting mates through the smell wafting through your pubic hair? That smell can now be a whole lot more pleasant. Crop Cleanser® is a crowd favorite that we think you’ll enjoy and our Crop Preserver® keeps the balls dry throughout the day until you can hit the showers. 

Now, go forth, modern man!



Horizontal Lawn Mower 4 Callout

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