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What Is Manscaping?

The conversation comes up. You’ve been asked if you trim the boys before. Did you have a good answer? Some guys are all about manscaping. Some are offended by the premise. Plenty are scared. Even though these conversations are normal and male grooming has been embraced by a majority of guys these days, there are stigmas, misunderstandings, and important questions that haven’t been answered. We’re going to get into all of it by getting a little metaphysical about the concept.

What is manscaping? The short answer is that it’s the act of trimming or grooming your body hair. The real answer runs much deeper, and we’re going to take you through a thorough answer to this question and many more. Let’s be a little serious today.

Essence of Manscaping

So, in the technical sense, manscaping typically refers to grooming body hair. There are a few distinctions that are important to make. While many people use the word to describe grooming that happens below the waist, that’s not the limit of what manscaping really is. It can include waxing your chest hair, thinning the rough under the pits, or getting rid of unsightly back hair. All of this is part of manscaping, and if you only do a partial job, you don’t get the full effect.

At its core, manscaping is more than cutting hair. It’s a lifestyle, and as such, it can include more than just grooming. Taking care of your skin (especially downstairs) can be part of manscaping. The same way many ladies have a self-care routine that they go through on a regular basis, manscaping can be the mechanism of similar care for a guy. It helps to establish a routine that promotes the use of products and techniques that make you look, feel, and smell amazing. Who doesn’t want that?

Above all else, manscaping is a part of life. It has a long, rich history (which you’ll learn in a moment). It has driven men to be the best version of themselves for thousands of years, and in modern times it has evolved as much as any other part of society. Really, manscaping is the practice of being a modern man. It runs deeper than trimming or shaving. 

Strap in. You’re really going to learn more than you bargained today as we cover every aspect of answering this question.

what is manscaping

The History of Manscaping

To truly understand manscaping, you must take a journey through history — for manscaping is as old as humanity itself. Dramatic storytelling aside, there is strong historical evidence of real manscaping in the ancient world. Most historians agree that the trend began with ancient Egypt (yes, this is something that really has been studied by historians).

Thousands of years ago, pharaohs would shave their heads and meticulously groom their beards. To be able to sculpt one’s body hair was a sign of wealth and luxury, and it caught on with both sexes. You may have seen pictures of ancient Egyptians with epic goatees. That was a real thing. 

Other ancient societies had their own takes on manscaping and grooming in general. The Greeks believed that young men were much sexier without any body hair. Older men would manscape to maintain an image of youthful beauty. At the same time, the Romans had an inverted opinion. Body hair was masculine and sexy, so men would grow rugged beards while the ladies would remove body hair to appear feminine.

East of these cultures, people experimented with total-body baldness, ponytails that could double as weapons and the Fu Manchu. Manscaping doesn’t always follow culture. Sometimes it leads.

In reality, manscaping trends shifted from hairless bodies to barbarian burliness and back again countless times throughout the ages. When Michelangelo carved a statue with a male bush, people were scandalized. By the mid-1800s, Big facial hair and bigger body hair were super popular. In fact, modern sideburns get their name from a Civil War general, Ambrose Burnside (true story).

Mostly, it was the industrial revolution that changed the slow shifts in style. Grooming products became cheaper and more precise, giving birth to new options and creativity. While that was happening, world war broke out, and the early 1900s saw a big shift in male style. In order to combat disease amongst massive armies, the standard-issue haircut and razor became a thing. When men came home from war, the crew cut was so common that it became popular and lasted for some time.

By the 60s, wild, freely grown hair was back with a vengeance. The 20th century as a whole saw the old back and forth of body hair repeat multiple times, accelerated by advancing technology.

It was in the early 90s that the modern concept of manscaping was truly born. That happened when the invention of the Brazillian wax quickly led to the boyzilian. If men can wax their pubic hair, then the game has changed. As the 2000s unfolded, manscaping developed rapidly and became mainstream.

what is manscaping

The Modern Revolution

When manscaping hit its full stride in more recent years, it started to transform. It stopped being a means for the wealthy to show off their affluence. It also trended away from being a means for people to stick it to society. Today, manscaping is simpler. It’s about self-care.

Ok. Admittedly, it’s also about being attractive. It would be crazy to ignore the fact that a lot of men manscape in order to be more appealing, but that’s only part of the story. Sex life aside, manscaping offers real benefits to guys, and those benefits are driving the modern revolution.

Chances are that you’ve let your undercarriage grow wildly at some point in your life. When it was at maximum fuzziness, did it ever snag on something? Did you ever adjust your pants and feel an unpleasant tug? If it was frequent enough, it might have impacted how you sit, walk, and otherwise go about your day. Every time you get that jolt of pubic pain, it worsens your mood again and again. A lot of guys don’t fully realize why they feel so good after manscaping the first time. It’s because this source of irritation is suddenly gone from their lives. If you trim the pubic hair down to size, it won’t snag anymore. It’s a subtle thing, but it improves your mood throughout the day, and it’s worth considering.

That’s not all that manscaping does. It also makes you feel cleaner. If you shower regularly and have good hygiene, manscaping won’t literally make you cleaner. Instead, because you don’t have a bunch of body hair trapping sweat, you won’t feel as scuzzy after a long, sweaty day. 

When you’re happier throughout the day, and you feel cleaner, it can impact your confidence. You can walk a little taller and with a touch more swagger. That filters into everything you do, and before you know it, manscaping is having tangible effects on parts of your life you could never imagine. That’s what the modern revolution is about — using manscaping as a means of self-improvement and feeling great about life.

Tools of the Trade

If you’re ready to embrace the philosophy (or if you just want to improve your sex appeal), then you need to have the right tools to do the job. At MANSCAPED, we made it easy. Everything you need can be found in The Perfect Package 3.0. It’s a consolidated male grooming kit that will equip you for manscaping success.

The first item in the package is The Lawn Mower™ 3.0. It’s our flagship grooming tool. This total-body trimmer can do everything you need with ease. It packs a powerful motor, strong ceramic blade, and ergonomic design. You can groom every inch of your body with this one trimmer. You can use the cutting guards to get whatever length you desire, and because the trimmer is cordless and waterproof, it’s fine in the shower.

the perfect package 3.0

When you’re making use of your amazing trimmer, you’re probably going to make a mess. That’s the nature of cutting hair, but it doesn’t have to be a shame. Instead of turning your bathroom floor into an adult barbershop floor, you can use The Magic Mat™ clean-up mat. It’s a simple tool that transforms the manscaping experience. Designed like a newspaper (but with funny stories throughout), you can lay it on the floor to catch all of your clippings.

While those tools handle the grooming, real experts understand that manscaping is about much more than cutting hair. We already explained the self-care philosophy. Now, we’re going to back those words by introducing you to Crop Preserver™ deodorant. This is our special ball deodorant. It will keep you cool and dry on even a tough day. It’ll defeat ball funk before it becomes a problem. It’s also good for your skin. The Active pH Control™ formula in the deodorant will help your skin maintain a healthy protective barrier and better weather your grooming without suffering.

Complementing the deodorant is Crop Reviver™ refresher. This is another formula that is designed to help your skin. It primarily does two jobs. It helps to moisturize your skin (particularly below the waist), and it soothes any irritation that may arise when you groom. It has Aloe Vera infused into the compound, so if you struggle with itchiness or redness after trimming your body, Reviver can help.

The Process to Build a Beautiful Package

Getting good tools is step one in mastering manscaping. Learning to use them is step two. There isn’t enough time to hit you with a comprehensive guide to grooming on top of what you’ve already learned today. Instead, we’re going to take you through a basic manscaping routine to help you develop good habits.

Trim First

We get into the discussion a lot. It’s one of the most common discussions we have with new members of the manscaping community. It’s best to trim before you shower. There are numerous reasons to do this, but we’ll only hammer two. First, trimming in the shower is bad for your plumbing. It will catch up with you in the end, and you’re looking at a miserable experience. Using a Magic Mat is much easier than getting your shower routed by a plumber.

The second reason to groom first is that your shower can prove restorative. Hair clippings are an irritant, and they’ll ruin your day if they aren’t managed. Additionally, trimming hair is a little hard on the skin (although not as bad as shaving). You can shower with a good moisturizing body wash and undo any roughness on the skin immediately after grooming. It really steers into the idea of manscaping to feel good.

the lawn mower 3.0.

Don’t Shave

Ok, we’re not the boss of you. You can shave if you want. We just want to point out that shaving is extremely hard on your skin. If you shave your whole body, you’re going to be miserable. On top of that, shaving below the belt is particularly uncomfortable. With a good trimmer, you can get the hair short without scraping away a layer of skin with a razor.

If you insist that a trimmer can't get the hair short enough, consider alternative hair removal instead of shaving. It might prove more pleasant and better for your skin.

Take Care of Your Skin

There are three products that should fit somewhere into your daily routine: lotion, Crop Preserver, and Crop Reviver. Together, these three items will keep your skin properly moisturized. They’ll make the protective layer robust, and they’ll make sure you always smell great. It’s a combo package that is amazing for your skin and your self-esteem. Also, applying lotion, deodorant, and a spritz of Reviver is incredibly low-maintenance.

There’s your answer. You know what manscaping is, how it has developed through history, what it means to many guys, and how to do it. We’re not sure how to be any more thorough in answering such a basic question. Despite that, many of you still have plenty of unanswered questions. How should you style your body hair? What do women think about all of this? If your shirt is untucked, does that mean your pants are tucked into your shirt? 

We have answers to all of these questions (except the pants thing; that’s a real head-scratcher), but they’re split into digestible chunks. When you browse, you can find all of this information and much, much more. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, and you can go at your own pace. Come hang out any time you like. You can also buy some awesome tools while you're here.



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