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Benefits to Manscaping Your Chode

Manscaping isn’t a topic that you hear spoken of often. Aside from your internet forums and the fact that every porno you’ve ever seen features hairless actors, shaving your balls isn’t something that most men ever have a real discussion about.

There’s this strange stigma that we often develop when we’re young that you don’t talk to anybody about your penis unless you’re sick and you absolutely have to. For those who try to shave their package for the first time, this general lack of education often results in a few nasty cuts and scrapes.

Manscaping the bush shouldn’t be a weird topic, though. At least no more than talking about how you groom your beard is. Keeping the family jewels well-maintained, shaved, and polished has quite a few benefits. From increased sex appeal to overall cleanliness, you’ll start benefiting almost immediately.

the lawn mower 3.0

Manscaping Makes Your Chode Look Like A Champ

The word “chode” often has a negative connotation attached to it. The word is all too often heard falling out of the mouths and into the crude insults of teenage boys. However, it’s actually a scientific term. A chode is simply a penis which has a larger girth than length.

To put things into perspective a bit, the average male penis size is only 5.16 inches, and the average male penis girth is only 4.8 inches. No matter how much everybody wants to act like having a 9-inch penis is the acceptable norm, it’s simply not true. The numbers don’t lie.

That being said, though, if your penis is on the smaller end of the spectrum, you’ll likely want to make it look as big as possible. First impressions can often make or break your success with partners, and a well-groomed penis makes an impressive statement.

Let’s face it, when your pubes are longer than your flaccid penis, it just looks kind of bad. It’s almost like having your entire face covered by hair. Nobody is going to actually appreciate how you look because all they’ll see is a ton of hair.

Unless the person you’re with has a fetish for unkempt hair, your chances of impressing your partner are far higher if you take the time out of your week to do a little bit of grooming. It can be the difference between your chode looking like a small head drowning in hair and your penis looking like an all-star champion ready to go all night.

With all of that hair in the way, your penis will often look far smaller than it actually is. It’s kind of like being the one 6-foot tall dude standing in the middle of a bunch of 7-foot tall basketball players. No matter how tall you are compared to everybody else, you’re still doing to look small.

man grooming with the lawn mower 3.0

Manscaping Is Good For Your Skin

While some people argue that pubic hair does have an important biological role to play, it’s not necessarily needed given our current generation. Pubic hair provides a natural cushioning against abrasion and some say it creates a pheromone musk that is thought to increase sex drive.

However, you can get all of these benefits by leaving just enough hair. Not all men choose to be completely bald. Many retain a “landing patch” for looks or health concerns. Manscaping just implies shaving and keeping your genitals in good order.

Even the men who have the world’s best beards have to do a great deal of maintenance and shaving to keep everything growing healthy. The difference between these beards and bearded hobos is a simple matter of grooming. The same principle applies to your pubes.

Overall, manscaping is very healthy for your skin. The first thing that you’ll notice is that you don’t sweat nearly as much as you're used to. This is because you don’t have hair follicles constantly trapping and radiating heat. Less sweat means that you won’t have to deal with body odor and thigh chafing any more.

When you shave your pubes, you’ll also be able to keep your package cleaner. You’ll be able to get that deep scrubbing and pore-cleansing action that’s impossible to get with all of that hair in the way. The cleaner your skin is, the less you’ll get surface irritation, dry skin, pimples, and heat rash.

Manscaping Gives You Confidence

Two men walk into a job. One has a nice suit on, the other rolled out of bed and showed up with the clothes on his back. Who do you think had the confidence and swagger necessary to sell the hiring manager on getting the job?

The same principle applies to your manscaping. Simply put, when you’re walking around with the confidence of a ball player because you know that your balls are the best-looking in the room, you’re going to twice as likely to get that number or score that first date.

Of course, you’ll have to mix in a bit of conversational skills and a decent set of clothes as well. However, every single confidence booster that you can add to your inventory will greatly aid you in your pursuit of success in the dating world.

Final Manscaping Tips

the perfect package 3.0

Are you sold yet? Trust the professionals when we say that a well-groomed package goes almost as far as having a clean set of teeth.

If you’ve never manscaped before, you’ll need to start off by getting yourself some tools. You don’t want to just use any run-of-the-mill razor products on some of your body’s most delicate skin.

To make things simple for you, MANSCAPED put together the ultimate personal grooming kit- The Perfect Package 3.0 This kit has everything that you need to look and feel your best when you’re in the nude:

  • The Lawn Mower 3.0 (Electric Hair Trimmer)
  • MANSCAPED Boxers (Performance Boxer Briefs)
  • Crop Preserver (Deodorizing Moisturizer)
  • Crop Reviver (Toner and Refresher)
  • Magic Mat (Disposable Shaving Mats)

These products were designed by men for men and will not disappoint.

The ergonomically-designed trimmer lets you shave with confidence and calm. The heavy, stainless steel razor fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, and its curved underside gives you the angle you need for the perfect shave.

This kit also include a bottle of the Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. These two products make all of the difference in the world. While the trimmer and razor take care of the dirty work, these high-quality shaving liquids take care of your skin afterwards.

After you finish your shaving, splash your package with the Crop Reviver to cleanse your pores and tighten up your skin. This will protect you from razor burn and skin irritation. Then, take a little bit of the Crop Preserver and spread it over your balls. This will act as a natural deodorant and keep you from excessive sweating while moisturizing your package and keeping everything feeling smooth and silky.



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