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How Common Is Manscaping?

How common is manscaping? 

Over the years, male grooming has evolved into its own being. Not too long ago, it was totally acceptable (if not expected), for men to have wooly chests and full bushes. As the Millennial generation has come into a buying power of its own, the products today's gentlemen look for are far different from the tools your grandfather kept tucked away in his bathroom cabinets. 

Some estimates state that around 50 to 70 percent of men partake in at least some form of manscaping. The trick is, the definition of "manscaping" alone has evolved. For some guys, they're busy getting off every trace of fuzz and fur that lives beneath the belt. Other men are simply focused on trimming the hedges and ensuring they don't emit stinky crotch smells while they interface with the general public. In any case, it's safe to say that there are thousands of guys who have embraced everything that men's grooming tools offer them in 2019. With this in mind, let's take a deeper dive into the popularity of this ritual many a gentleman can't live without.If you've been wondering how to manscape your groin, we've got some information you'll want to latch onto.

1. 69% of Men Trim Their Pubes

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, 69 percent of men trim their pubic hair. Coming right in at the same number, the publication reports that 70% of women prefer their partners' pubes to be trimmed and well-kept, and 81% of women surveyed also said they'd reconsider a partner if his pubes didn't match her idea of what should be going on down there. 70% of guys agree that their partners may be left on the side if they don't trim their parts properly.

So, what does this say? No matter who men are shacking up with, their partners have high expectations of their lower regions, which means guys should, too. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is the perfect solution to men's manscaping conundrums, as its ceramic blades enable easy, swift shortening of pubic hair without any uncomfortable pulling or painful nicking.

A lot of guys wonder how to shave pubic hair for men. Fret not! We've got the answers if you keep reading.

how common is manscaping

2. 17% of Guys Go All the Way Bare Down There

Mirror reports that 17% of men shave every inch of their below-the-belt landscape down to the soft skin they were born with. Women seem to be keen on close encounters of the skin-to-skin kind, too, since Billiard Balls ranked as the number one manscaping style for guys among men and women survey respondents. (In case you're wondering, Billiard Balls is a term used when men take care of their nuts by trimming or shaving them to get rid of the rogue fuzz that grows in those hard-to-reach areas.)

Of course, there are a lot of misconceptions and common problems that come with shaving one's junk straight down to the skin. For starters, if you dive in without trimming the area first, you're begging for your hair to get caught up in the blades of the razor. It goes without saying that this is seldom a pleasant experience. To avoid this kerfuffle, make sure you give your boys a nice, close trim long before you even look at your razor.

When it's time to really get down to the meat and potatoes of your manscaping session, you need to have the right tools. And old razor that's already seen better days is filled with bacteria and tiny nicks that could cause micro-abrasions to your lower region. Since your skin harbors tons of bacteria beneath your boxers, you don't want to risk it. In fact, if you don't splurge on yourself in any other way, make sure you're spending money on the tools that take care of your junk.

3. A Lot of Guys Don't Know How to Clean Their Balls Correctly

You can't tell us that you've never been guilty of letting your shampoo find its way down your body and calling yourself clean. We've all done it at some point in our lives—especially when we were younger and didn't know the importance of penis-related hygiene, or as adults when we're in too much of a rush to deal with the area down there. 

Even guys who think they're doing it right all the time are probably falling short of cleaning the place where their legs come together correctly. Why? Because the bacteria that's secreted from the skin around your scrotum holds a special kind of funk. And, since it's locked away in a dark, damp, confined space for most of the day, it has no problem taking on a life (and smell) of its own. This is why run-of-the-mill soaps and body washes aren't good enough for your gonads.

To truly get to the root of dirty balls and leave your shower with a refreshed sense of self, you need to employ the power of a pH-balanced body wash that's formulated with the kind of ingredients Mother Nature intended to take care of your nuts. That's where Crop Cleanser comes into the picture. Thanks to its aloe-and-sea-salt ingredient base, Crop Cleanser properly cleans men's private parts while simultaneously imparting just enough moisture and hydration to keep that sensitive skin happy. It's perfect for post-shave showers or everyday cleaning rituals.

4. Many Men Who Don't Manscape Avoid It Because They Think It Hurts or Takes Too Much Time

Although tons of guys recognize the importance of proper male grooming, many men skimp on their manscaping duties because they fear it'll hurt or be too time-consuming in their already-tight calendars. Rest assured, dear gents, that's not the case at all. In fact, there seems to be a lot of popularity in the two-to-four-week scenario, meaning guys might trim every few days but only actually embark on a full shave once or twice a month. In the interim, they simply keep clean with high-quality body washes and douse their balls in deodorant, such as Crop Preserver from Manscaped. This ensures the boys stay well-groomed and men's crotches steer clear of full-grown bushes, but they're not constantly tending to the task of trimming their hedges.

Crop Reviver is another excellent tool to add to the manscaping arsenal. Because it's formulated with aloe and witch hazel, it soothes just-shaved skin, helping to reduce irritation and razor burn while keeping the skin cool and moisturized. It also provides a protective barrier between your balls and briefs, making it a good after-shower spritz even on those days you don't shave.

crop reviver

5. 90% of Women Say the Men They Sleep with Men Who Manscape

That's right, guys. If the math doesn't seem to be adding up, it's either because someone's not telling the truth, or the men who manscape regularly are getting more action. Express Newspapers recently touted this astonishing fact: 90% of the women they talked to sleep with partners who take special pride in their privates. While some women (or men, for that matter) may not care what goes on down there, the overwhelming majority of sexual partners seem to take pleasure in knowing that their other person has done his due diligence before he gets between the sheets.

That's not to say that you won't find a partner who loves digging around in your raging bush, but do you really want to take the chances? In a world where many things are uncertain, it only makes sense to give yourself the upper hand whenever possible. When it comes to manscaping, take the time to at least take a little off the top. Your partner will appreciate the effort you've put forth because, trust us, she's paying attention. 

Manscaped is your place for everything related to male grooming. From tools that'll trim your bush into an acceptable formation, to products that'll keep you cool and confident when you're in social situations, we've got everything you need. Order The Perfect Package 2.0 today to start your own manscaping session. Soon enough, you'll have the best razor for manscaping in your very own hands. 


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