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Manscaping Groin Designs That Will Make You Laugh

Manscaping can be serious business. Until it’s not. We know that staying trim and clean in your pants is important to you, the modern man, but there’s no reason not to inject some fun into this male grooming business. That’s why we’re bringing you manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh. The idea of creating patterns and art into your pubic bush seems so, so wrong, until you see what’s actually possible. When you do, you’ll always want to get caught with your pants down instead of the opposite.

First, let’s talk about how to get grooming if you haven’t already started a grooming routine. Manscaped is the first brand to devote itself to below-the-belt grooming and to the health of a man’s manhood and surrounding areas. You may or may not know that manscaping is directly related to men’s sexual health. By taking care of the skin and hair in your groin area, you can help reduce bacteria that can lead to health conditions like HPV and crabs. Less serious, but still annoying, manscaping also increases your skin health, reducing the chance of redness, inflammation, and irritation.

Manscaped created an entire tool and product line devoted to helping you, a modern dapper dude, keep his junk fresh, clean, and attractive, instead of sad, wilted, and stinky. Excited yet? But don’t be intimidated -- it doesn’t take a month-long workshop to figure out how to trim, shave, and treat your package. Using a male grooming kit like the Perfect Package makes it easy. Let us give you the rundown on how to get through a standard manscaping sesh, then we’ll talk manscaping art with manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh.
manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh

The first order of business is to get rid of the hair. Manscaped created two tools especially for this hairy task -- The Lawn Mower and The Plow. Funny names aside, these two tools are the best on the market for trimming and refining pubic hair. The Lawn Mower is a cordless, electric trimmer that was engineered to fit around the hills and valleys of the crotch. As you know, it’s not a straight line down there. The Lawn Mower deftly maneuvers and passes over your pubic patch, ball sack, and inner thighs with the precision of a Nascar driver. Just use a Magic Mat shaving mat on your bathroom floor, turn The Lawn Mower on, and go to town! With a safety guard, you won’t have to worry about nicks and snags. Plus, it’s cordless, which makes trimming a much easier task than one that requires a cord plugged in and possibly wrapped around your manhood.

After trimming your unruly bush, it’s time to refine with The Plow safety razor. Getting a blade near your balls may seem counterintuitive, but when it comes to manscaping to an acceptably attractive level, a safety razor is key. Just hold your balls taut, and using short, careful strokes, go with the grain of the hair. Using The Plow will get you closer look than by just using an electric trimmer alone. After your first time using both the trimmer and the safety razor, you’ll finally understand (and appreciate) the expression “When the grass is short, the tree looks taller." After trimming and shaving, it’s time to take care of your skin.

As you probably already know, scrotum skin is unique in that it’s sensitive and requires different care due to its special pH needs. Throw the pH in your pants out of whack, and you’ll have a problem on your hands in the form of irritation, redness, and inflammation. No one wants a fire in their pants, least of all us. So when you’re done with the hair removal aspect of manscaping, it’s time to take care of the skin. After we go over the skincare part, we’ll then reveal manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh. Get your goods into the shower and wash the day (and extra pubic hair) away with Crop Cleanser. This all-in-one hair and body wash effectively cleanses your hair and skin without disrupting the natural moisture balance. After you lather up, rinse off, then towel off, here’s where the real ball magic begins. Manscaped’s formulations made specifically for the scrotum and surrounding skin will up your male grooming to the next level.

First, a ball deodorant needs to be part of any respectable man’s manscaping arsenal. Crop Preserver from Manscaped is the best ball deodorant on the market. Why? Because it does many things for the balls: deodorizes them, moisturizes them, keeps them healthy and dry, and coddles them (just kidding on that last one). It’s mind-blowing that ball deodorant hasn’t been in existence until recently -- balls can smell just as bad as armpits! Now that you’ve gotten the fact that ball deodorant is essential to you and your balls’ well-being through your head, let’s move onto a package freshener, shall we?

Crop Reviver from Manscaped does exactly that: revives your balls when they’re sad, wilted, hot, and sticky. This performance body spray created just for the hot, dank conditions of your package is like a cold lager on a hot day -- cooling, refreshing, and vital to one’s very existence. All of the tools and formulations (like the Crop Reviver) that you need come in the Perfect Package from Manscaped.
manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh
OK, so now the part that you’re all waiting for -- the manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh. This collection of groin designs comes from the annals of the Manscaped office, assorted manscaping mavens, and anything-but-average Joe’s just like you.

The Original - For the standard guy who doesn’t want to stand out too much, we have the original, a quadrangle pubic patch.

The Landing Strip - Just like the ladies, sometimes the dudes like a clean, neat landing strip.

Zeus (aka The Lightning Bolt) - Show your Greek godly side with this lightening bolt sure to electrify your bedmate!

Hotspot - Need a real connection? Then make one with the hotspot design!

Romantic (aka The Heart) - Wear your heart on your groin with this romantic design shaved right into your crotch!

Directions (aka The Arrow) - If your partner can’t find the pleasure points, make it easy for him or her with this straightforward arrow, pointing down, obviously.
manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh
The Moustache - Want your pubes to match your face? The get a moustache shaved into your groin! Great for laughs.

The Charlie Chaplin - Taking the Moustache a step further, this design is perfect for fans of the funny man.

The David Suzuki - Do you have a man crush on David Suzuki and all his climate change efforts? We don’t blame you. Honor him with your crotch.

The Rising Sun - For zen-like yoga enthusiasts, the rising sun pays homage to the earth and all of its cycles. Or something like that.

The Bush - For throwback groins, the bush is a perfect manscaping design to make you laugh while keeping it real.

The Side Part - You keep your hair side parted, why not your bush? This manscaping groin design is for hipsters both real and aspiring.

Get Lucky - Don’t restrict this manscaping design to just St. Patrick’s Day - it’s appropriate all year long. And if you make “Get Lucky” your mantra, it will become your reality.

Royal - Prince Harry isn’t the only Prince Hairy in town! With a nod to the recent royal wedding, this royal design is sure to attract some wanna-be princesses.

Flower Power - The hippie vibe of this floral design will attract nature lovers near and far. Peace out, man.

Liked - Don’t restrict your social media activity to your social media accounts - bring it to your pants with this "Liked" manscaping groin design.

Social - On the heels of “Liked” this manscaping groin design that will make you laugh is tweeting up a storm about your package!

Let us know if you have any other manscaping groin designs that will make you laugh. We’re all ears over at, so send us your pix and ideas for how men can make their groins fun again!

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