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What Does Manscape Mean?

What does “manscape” mean? Merriam-Webster has you covered: “the trimming or shaving of a man’s body hair so as to enhance his appearance.” There you go. That settles it.

Oh, you were hoping for more? You thought that since we’re manscaping experts we might have a different take on the topic? Fine. We can do that. But, understand that your growing expectations have set in motion a vicious cycle that can only end in mutual disappointment. Only kidding. We live for this stuff. 

What it Really Means

As foremost experts in manscaping, we have a lot to say on the topic. What does manscape mean, exactly? What manscaping means to us and what it means to you might be different in many ways. What we generally find is that the principles most important to us are shared by dedicated manscapers around the world. You'll see what we mean below.


There are a lot of reasons to manscape, and everyone will prioritize them differently. For us, comfort is actually the number one reason. Many of the positives that stem from manscaping can be traced back to this route principle. A more comfortable man is more confident, more capable, sexier and typically at his best. It’s just science.

Consider a fully-grown, untamed bush. Historically, it has been seen as a sign of health --even vigor. But, it comes at a price. Most of us let our shrubs grow unchecked for a good portion of our lives. Really think about it. How often would that pubic hair get caught? How many times would it itch? How much nuisance would it cause in an average day? We learn to live with these discomforts and treat them as white noise. The thing is, when they’re suddenly gone, you’re relieving a source of stress you hadn’t noticed. The cumulative irritation of long pubic hair pulls mental and emotional resources away from other uses. It slowly drains us. Sure, the effect is small, but over a long time, it can make a big difference. 

what does manscape mean

We crop our bushes and long body hair for the sake of comfort above all else.

Better Sex

Most of you out there would cite this as one of your top motivations for manscaping. We agree. Again, think back to that mega bush. Did you have much sex with it? How many blowjobs did you receive? Did you ever notice pubic hair tangling and pulling during a vigorous course? Hell, even masturbating is better with trimmed pubes. We know you’ve all experienced it -- accidentally getting a few pubes in your grip and effectively yanking them along with your pickle. There’s no reason for it.

And, there’s always the argument that sex is better in large quantities. There’s no longer any debate: manscaping will improve your statistics with sexual partners. This is true regardless of sexual orientation or preference. No one wants pubes in their face, so take care of the problem before it leaves you tugging on your curlies during another sad night alone. Just let that image marinate for a second.

Improved Hygiene

I’ve you’ve done any research on manscaping and pubic trimming, you might be ready to argue. We’re aware of the science. Most researchers believe that pubic hair evolved to reduce the risk of infection around the genitals. Also, in a time before abundant clothing, pubic hair helped keep the valuable bits warm. All of that is reasonable, but it doesn’t necessarily hold water in a modern setting.

The thing is, we have access to daily showers. We can use things like Crop Cleanser to meticulously manage our skin health and the microbial environment in our groins. We can deliberately balance epidermal pH and choose our skin-health destiny, as it were. For a man who does this consistently, pubic hair is a barrier more than a boon. It traps moisture and causes irritation. It makes the science of skin health less precise, and all of that results in a much smellier man. Refer back to the first to points to see why we don’t want to be smelly.

what does manscape mean

A Better You

What happens when we put all of this together? If you improve your hygiene, it usually couples with improved health. Your skin health may not be the most pressing issue in your life, but optimizing it won’t hurt. An improved sex life is good for a testosterone boost. That can combat symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also help you get in better shape (even if you’re already doing well). For those of you paying attention, that’s a positive feedback loop. Manscaping helps you have more sex. That helps you workout better, which in turn helps you have more sex. If you want to be at your physical best, manscaping is a useful tool.

But that’s only the beginning. We touched on how being comfortable can help you with confidence and your general outward projection. Those perks come with a lot of bonuses. More confident men are better at their jobs. They do better professionally and make more money. Confidence also feeds back into the improved-sex feedback loop. Best of all, you get to accumulate that little extra mental well-being in all of this. The small amounts of energy you aren’t spending ignoring pubic discomfort throughout the day can help you face challenges with just a pinch more positivity. Over the course of years, that can tilt the scales for a more productive and fulfilling life. 

We’re never shy about discussing these benefits, and it always sounds over the top. We’re not selling you a miracle cure here (except for Crop Preserver, but more on that in a minute). We’re simply acknowledging that a lot of little things can add up over time and that manscaping is about managing little things.

The True Path to the Better You

So, if you buy into any of this in even the slightest amounts, we’ll show you how to reap these rewards in a reliable fashion. Like all things, it comes down to routine. That routine helps you build your skills and consistency. It can also become a meditative-like moment of zen. A lot of people find rote mechanical motion to be great for a mental reset. There’s no reason your manscaping can’t become the same, after a little practice. 

what does manscape mean

First, You Trim

It’s obvious, but like the old saying suggests, you have to take a first step. With a Lawn Mower and a Magic Mat, this first step is easy. Always start with the longest setting for your first session. The basic rule is that you can always trim closer, but cut hair can’t be glued back to your body. We’ve tried. Totally undid all the good of our manscaping. If we ever perfect it, you can keep your eyes open for Crop Reattacher down the line. Ha ha.

Then, You Shave

Shaving your body and junk really is an art. You’ll be nervous and cautious at first, and that’s a good thing. It’ll help you build good habits. It’ll also give you time to get a really good feel for your Plow. As much as we love the design, our ergonomic experts can only do so much. Ultimately, a good shave is up to you. The important thing to remember is that these first two steps happen before you shower.

Enjoy a Good Shower

Step three is to shower. You can see that this isn’t a taxing routine. It’s designed to fit into a busy schedule. If you have extra time, by all means enjoy it. Regardless, there is technique to a good shower. It starts with Crop Cleanser. It also involves an exfoliating tool (wash cloths are fine, too). Make sure you scrub well after every shave. It’s the key to all of that hygiene stuff we discussed earlier.

Finish With the Good Stuff

We mentioned a miracle cure earlier. It’s time to discuss it more deeply. Crop Preserver is a wonder product and best friend all in one. It’s ball deodorant that does so much more than make you smell sexy. It incorporates a hydration-management and friction-reducing pair of formulas. Trimming pubes is great for comfort, but this is going to take it to that next level. Crop Preserver keeps you feeling cool, fresh and invigorated throughout the day. Don’t take our word for it. Try it just once and join us in a higher plane of existence.

Complementing Crop Preserver is Crop Reviver. It’s designed for a specific purpose: promoting the healing process. Shaving, and to a lesser extent trimming, will always cause damage to your skin. Crop Reviver undoes that damage as rapidly as is currently legal.

That concludes your routine but not your journey. Now you know the answer to "What does manscape mean?" Now, the final step is to browse the knowledge stores of You’ll find everything there, so plan to get lost in manly advice. And, until next time, stay fresh out there.



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