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Why Men Like Manscaping: Manscaped Reviews

why men like manscaping manscaped reviews

Manscaping, the act of male grooming has been elevated to an art by brands like Manscaped. Manscaped created an entire product line devoted to the proper care and grooming of a man's most sensitive and valued body part -- indeed that which actually makes him a man. Since the debut of Manscaped, men across the country have been raving about how it's changed their grooming habits (and their lives!) for the better.

Manscaping makes a man look and feel more attractive, giving him an edge in his love life, work life, and social life. Men tell us that being manscaped has given them the confidence to ask that hot girl out, or to ask the boss for a promotion.

Here's what they have to say:

"I used to just use the same trimmer I used for my face. It did an OK job, but felt like it was the wrong size to get a close trim down there. I started using Manscaped after I saw  it in Men's Health. The electric trimmer is awesome and just the right size to get a nice, even trim!" - Jonathan N. Memphis, TN

"My girlfriend always used to complain about my grooming, saying it wasn't good enough, so she got me a Manscaped Perfect Package set, which I started using right away. Lo and behold, she can't keep her hands off me now and says that I feel and smell so good. Thanks, Manscaped!" - Michael B. San Francisco, CA

"I never knew how to keep my junk from getting sweaty and smelly. I ordered Manscaped after a friend told me about it, and now I'm proud of my manhood! I ask more girls out and my dating life has exploded!" - Sebastian P. New York, NY

 "Where was Manscaped when I was in my 20s? I had no idea about how to groom the right way. The Perfect Package has everything I need to manscape properly, from tools to products. And they throw in a handy nail kit, too! Love it." - Evan A. Minneapolis, MN



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