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Guide to men's grooming kits

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Men's Grooming Kits

At MANSCAPED™, we think the focus on men’s grooming is kind of the best thing since sliced bread. 

No, seriously, it’s one of the best things the modern man has figured out. It’s also for the betterment of mankind, so we’re impacting the world if you really think about it. 

Yes, we know it takes a few more minutes out of your day, but so what? You get to look sexier. You get to view your junk in its full glory (‘nuff said). Your partner gets to look at you in a different way. You’re setting the stage for compliments…phew. All of that from a little grooming time. 

The team at MANSCAPED™ is dedicated to making men’s grooming a mainstream thing. One of the ways we can support this positive trend is by giving you the newest and most advanced grooming tools for the job. 

So, today we’re going to focus on the wonderful thing that is a men’s grooming kit.

Why, you might ask?

Because men's grooming is important and we say so!

Gentlemen of the world, no offense to your dog if you have one of those furry things, but a grooming kit is a man’s best friend. Women have diamonds; men have all of their body grooming tools in one place. 

Grooming kits for men are designed to not only make sure you have the correct tools, but they help you consolidate everything. A team of body and pubic hair experts (official titles) have spent countless hours choosing the best tools and accessories for the ultimate experience. 

A grooming kit is also great for a first-timer or someone just getting into the body or pubic hair grooming game. Why reinvent the wheel and piecemeal something together when you don’t have to? Why spend hours searching for products and making decisions when we’ve already done that for you?

 Looking to groom your groin for the first time? 

We have a grooming kit for that!

Need something more all-in-one to round out your grooming experience overall?

We have a grooming kit for that!

You’re seeing the theme…

We’re saving you time by already putting the packages together for you. It’s like Christmas and your birthday all rolled into a MANSCAPED™ box. 

man spraying chest

Soooooo, what should I look for?

Before we start impressing you with all of your kit options, let’s discuss a few basics. The components of a grooming kit are the bread and butter (yes, we are aware this is the second bread analogy we’ve done and there might be more). 

Some kits are broader while others are specific to a certain area. One of the first things we actually suggest is thinking through what you have already. 

Have nothing? We’ve got some suggestions. 

Have a few things and want to expand your male grooming-ness? We’ve got some other suggestions. 

Looking to upgrade your grooming tools and products because you’re a grownup now and you need to spend money if you want nice things? We’ve got that covered, too!

Whether you’re in the mood for trimming your body and pubic hair, needing a sharp and safe razor to make the balls all silky smooth, or are looking for the most awesome body and hair products that smell oh, so manly fresh MANSCAPED™ has you covered. 

We also have those tools you probably didn’t think about, but now that you’re thinking about them you’re like…ahhh! Fine, we’ll give you a list:

  • Nail grooming
  • Nose hair care
  • Ear hair care
  • Ball care 
  • Ball deodorant 

That was just a teaser. 

We do this for a living, we’ve gotcha covered and you’re welcome. When it comes to grooming kits, think about what you have. Think about what you need. Now we can start narrowing things down and find the perfect kit (or kits) for your body and routine. 

Decision time

At MANSCAPED™ we have not one, not two, but THREE men’s grooming kits:

The Perfect Package 4.0

the perfect package

We designed The Perfect Package 4.0 to be the ultimate entry pack for new groomers. 

It has all of the essentials:

  • The Lawn Mower® 4.0 All-new SkinSafe™ electric trimmer for groin AND body grooming (can be used wet or dry and comes with all the guards and accessories)
  • Crop Preserver® Anti-chafing ball deodorant (freshness below the waist all day)
  • Crop Reviver® Ball spray toner (soothes and protects the boys)
  • Magic Mat® Disposable shaving mats (because all that trimmed hair should not, we repeat should NOT, end up on your bathroom floor)

On top of all this it has a luxury travel bag! With The Perfect Package 4.0, The Shed Travel bag ($39.99 value) is INCLUDED. 

We know, we know, you’re going to be super swanky with this kit and you’re going to love it. You can keep everything organized in your bathroom, under your sink, in a suitcase, in a gym bag, etc. You have so many options and no excuses. 

Oh, we’re not done. We’ve also included our MANSCAPED™ Boxers Anti-chafing boxers ($19.99 value). After you’ve groomed yourself and you’re feeling good, you’re going to feel even better when you put these boxes on (trust us, sensational). 

Everything you need is in one package to get you started, and if you need some add-ons later, we can help you there.

The Performance Package

the performance package

The Performance Package takes things a little beyond entry-level. 

It’s still a complete grooming package, but a slight shift of the components elevates your grooming a bit:

  • The Lawn Mower® 4.0 All-new SkinSafe™ electric trimmer (it’s all about the trimmer, this is probably our most important basic necessity to any grooming kit)
  • Weed Whacker® Ear & nose hair trimmer (that’s right, two trimmers in this kit because smaller areas on your body need smaller trimmer attention)
  • Crop Preserver® Anti-chafing ball deodorant (keeping those nuts not so stanky)
  • Crop Reviver® Ball spray toner (keeping those nuts not so moist and 
  • Magic Mat® Disposable shaving mats

Don’t worry, don’t worry, we’re also throwing in The Perfect Package 4.0 The Shed Travel bag ($39.99 value) and our MANSCAPED™ Boxers Anti-chafing boxers ($19.99 value). We’ve got you!

Ultra Smooth Package

Ultra Smooth Package

Remember when we said there are sometimes kits needed for super-specific areas? Whelp, this one is just that. Shaving care for down there. Oh, yes, my friend, it’s time to focus on your nutsack and shaft area. 

You know how we also said we’ve spent hours designing the perfect kit for your needs. This one we need to brag about. The Ultra Smooth Package is a 3-step. That’s right, 3-step shaving kit, specifically for your groin area. 

If you’re solid on the body and man bush trimming, we think you should go for it. Shave those balls! Shave those balls! Shave those balls!

This specialized package will buff it out, keep it smooth, and give your bits all the protection we can:

  • Crop Exfoliator™ Gentle scrub for the groin area (scrubby, scrub scrub that junk and get it all clean)
  • Crop Gel™ Clear lubricating shave gel (because we would never allow you to shave the most sensitive spot on your body with no help, and bonus, this shave gel is CLEAR so you can see everything you’re doing because we know you might be nervous)
  • The Crop Shaver™ Engineered specifically to shave the groin (yes, my friend, it’s a special ball razor; your face razor is NOT your ball razor, no sir)
  • 6 Replacement Blades for The Crop Shaver™ (don’t make us lecture you on clean and safe razor best practices, pay attention and replace your razor blades regularly)
  • Travel Case (because all your stuff needs a bag)

We know. We know. 


And all for you.

The new new 

Haha, you thought we were done at three. NO!

We love you and want you to have all the choices. Well, four choices. The team at MANSCAPED™ is proud to present the new kid on the block:

Ultra Premium Collection

UltraPremium Collection

We truly have all your needs covered. 

The UltraPremium Collection is for the dude who is wanting to up their skin and hair care game for their whole body. We know we like to focus on the man bits down there, but we also take care of the whole man body. Holistic, baby. 

Check out what this collection includes:

We said whole body, right? That’s right, and because of that, we’re also throwing in our UltraPremium Lip Balm 3-Pack for FREE. Can’t forget the lips. 

What are the steps?

Alright, so now you know how to get a great kit and have all the options, so let’s review the steps to a good men’s grooming session:

Step 1: Trim

Gotta trim so you can see what you’re working with. A good trim should probably happen a minimum once a week. For some of you more hairy-blessed folks, you might need to trim more often (or to your preference). 

Thanks to The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer and the Magic Mat® shaving mat, you can do this with very little effort. Strip down, lay down your mat, and dry trim over it. It really is that easy. 

If this is your very first time, we recommend that you use the longest cutting setting on your trimmer. If you want to go closer later, feel free, but try it out this way first.

Step 2: Shower and wash

Clean yourself. Not only will this remove any lingering hair trimmings that will itch like a son of a gun later, but it will get your body ready for the day, ready for that close shave, or get you clean later after a long workday or workout. 

Showering is not just about good personal hygiene, but it protects you from infections if you happen to cut yourself while shaving. You should always shave on a clean surface.  

Step 3: Shave

A close shave is better done on a cleaned and wet surface. Whether it’s your face or your nuts, clean the area, use shaving gel, and make sure you have a clean and sharp razor. We suggest shaving your ball sack in the shower, but shaving your face post-shower is still good because your pores have opened in the heat of the shower and the water softened all the hair follicles. Or shave everything in the shower. 

Step 4: Dry

After you shower and shave, drying off is a step a lot of guys rush through. Please do not spend all this time getting clean and closely shaved just to shove everything all moist in a pair of underwear and pants. Disaster. 

It’s already hard enough keeping moisture away from a man’s body all day. 

Use a towel, stand around naked and air dry a bit. Dry off. Especially downstairs. 

Step 5: Skincare

After you shower, you want to moisturize your skin. Dry skin is itchy, it’s scaly, it’s rough, and it does nothing to support the amazing cleaning and shaving job you just did. 

Skincare adds back important moisturizing ingredients and bonus, they smell good, so you smell good!

Step 6: Enjoy the day

We know this was just a review, but that’s really all it takes to have a good grooming routine. Feel free to check out some more of our blog articles for specifics if you need 'em. 



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