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Best Manscaping Kit for Beginners

Despite the undeniable popularity of manscaping, plenty of you are stubbornly vying to be the last hold-out in this modern-day phenomenon. Whether from pride, fear, or a combination of the two, you think that you can be the last “true man” who doesn’t groom his body hair. You’re wrong beyond your wildest dreams. Manscaping is a true expression of masculinity, not the opposite, and once you finally give in to peer pressure and try it for the first time, you’ll find that you’ve only been hurting yourself (and the people you date).

Best Manscaping Kit for Beginners

Why Manscape? 

While the modern version of manscaping—using special just-for-men tools and skincare products—is a new tradition, grooming has a rich history. Countless societies from the beginning of time have emphasized the importance of maintaining a deliberately-kept aesthetic, and doing so can impact your societal standing. Since many of you haven’t started manscaping yet, you’d do well to find the best manscaping kit for beginners from brands like Manscaped. We’ll show you how.

General Benefits

The number one reason for guys to manscape is obvious: to get laid. Women have made it clear that they expect at least minimal grooming, if not more. They’ve done it for men for eons by shaving, plucking, and waxing (ouch!) and now expect to be paid back in kind. We don’t blame them. Failing to do so is a major turn off and often a deal breaker. Additionally, trimmed men tend to perform better in bed, which helps you get laid the next time, too. Seriously, if this is the only benefit, you can stop reading here. But there’s more!

While your sex life will always be a great motivator, manscaping can offer more to you than just sex. Men who manscape have been shown to have higher levels of confidence, testosterone and general comfort. When these powers combine, you get a man who is at his best and ready to succeed professionally, personally and sexually. Manscaping makes you a better you. A cleaner you. A trimmer you. A better-smelling you.


If you’re a professional athlete, then you can skip this section. You already know. For the rest of you slobs, your love of sports is a great tool if you use it right. Even simple pickup games and casual sports are still a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, tone the muscles a bit and push yourself to be better. Even if you do only compete casually, you should do your utmost. Body grooming is a benefit to athletes in virtually every sport. For racers, the reduced drag is obvious, but even playing a little street ball still gets easier with less body hair. Hair chafes, traps moisture and bacteria and contributes to irritation. When you take care of excess hair, you can play better, avoid irritation and skin problems that come with competitive sports and have an easier time managing clinging locker room stench.

The Right Tools for the Job

If you’re one of the newbies reading this, then you’re probably just looking for a simple push to finally get started. The reason manscaping is such a rapidly growing trend is obvious. Try it once and you’ll get addicted to the feel. The myriad bonuses listed above are really just bonuses. So, to help you get over your reservations, we’re going to simplify the process. Your first time manscaping can be relatively simple, as long as you use the best manscaping kit for beginners, like the Perfect Package from Manscaped. It provides everything you need to trim, shave, moisturize, deodorize, and refresh your goods down below.

First, you’ll want to trim your package. That’s it. While proper manscaping is more involved, that first step will let you understand a new world of comfort, and you’ll naturally move to discover the rest. To safely get through that first trim, you want precision tools, and you’ll find exactly what you need in The Perfect Package. Let’s go through the individual tools in the package to understand how they’ll help.

The Lawn Mower

If the name doesn’t give it away, this is your go-to tool. These electric shears are precision engineered for lower body grooming. They’re cordless, waterproof, and ergonomically designed to give you better control when trimming the most sensitive of areas. For those first baby steps of grooming, you should go with a longer cut length. Luckily, The Lawn Mower has an adjustable guard, so you can adjust the length of hair while trimming. You’ll find that the sweet spot is too short for your pubes to get pulled doing vigorous activity but not quite short enough to be prickly like a cactus. Pubic stubble is a unique discomfort that we’d be happy to help you avoid. After you bust your manscaping cherry, we highly recommend you experiment and find the look and feel that puts that extra bounce in your step.  

Magic Mat

The piece of the puzzle is something you don’t yet realize you need, but goes hand-in-hand with manscaping tools like an elective trimmer and/or safety razor. Even when they’re your own, cleaning pubes is unpleasant. If you’re a first timer, you don’t want to trim in the shower. The length of the pubes is primed to clog the drain and create some real headaches. Any of you who have shared a bathroom with women should understand this. And, that’s where Magic Mat comes it. The disposable mats are easy to use and simplify cleanup. They also contain entertaining reading material, so they can help you feel a little less awkward through that first trim. Of everything in the package, these will fast become your favorite items. They really eliminate the biggest negative in manscaping: cleaning.

The Plow

This is a clever name for a simple tool. The Plow is a double-edged safety razor that is designed specifically for shaving sensitive areas and giving them an extra smooth feel. If you’re taking our ease-in-for-the-first-time advice, then The Plow will sit nice and pretty until subsequent manscaping sessions. When you do use it, you’ll find that the stainless steel is perfectly safe to get wet, holds a proper edge over multiple shaves, and is generally impervious to most commons sources of harm. The lack of care you need to give to The Plow is one of its greatest strengths. Plus, its replaceable blades are sharp and corrosion-resistant.

Crop Cleanser

Trimming and shaving your nether zone is one thing: washing those trimmings away is another. A vital part of any manscaping kit for beginners is a proper cleanser. Manscaped formulated their Crop Cleanser to effectively wash both hair and skin, and to keep the sensitive skin of your manhood and family jewels moisturized, healthy, and pH balanced. This one-two punch of a product will save you time and effort in the shower—it will easily wash your pubic trimmings away, cleanse your hair, and keep your goods healthy and soft!

Best Manscaping Kit for Beginners

Crop Preserver

Beginners all make the same mistake: they think that manscaping is simply a matter of shaving and/or trimming, then taking a quick shower. They couldn’t be more wrong. Reducing body hair is step one, but if you leave it at that, you’ll be facing dry and irritated skin on the most sensitive parts of your body. After your first trim and shower, you want to use a specially-formulated moisturizing deodorant. A proper ball deodorant is essential to a newbie’s manscaping routine, so make sure that it’s in your best manscaping kit for beginners, the Perfect Package by Manscaped. Be real. There have been countless times you’ve gotten a little swampy and wished you were using a good ball deodorant. The Crop Preserver is that deodorant, and it’s designed specifically for your nether regions. That design involved a lot of advanced chemistry to avoid irritation and balance the pH just right. Don’t believe us? Try a standard deodorant on your balls. Except, don’t actually do that. It burns. Badly.

Crop Reviver 

It moisturizes and lubricates, so this next manscaping formulation is ideal to reduce chafing, razor burn and general irritation. It also smells great, so it will add a little something extra the next time you’re looking to score. Not only that,  it’s also pH balanced for your skin’s health, and gives your man goods an extra boost (and gives you an extra boost of confidence). While the reviver helps you avoid irritation, just remember it's only part of the package. The Perfect Package is the best manscaping kit for beginners, since it contains all of the specially-engineered male grooming tools and specially-formulated products a man new to manscaping needs to go pro in the ball grooming department.

Best Manscaping Kit for Beginners

Once you’re a little more comfortable with your manscaping, you’ll find that there are even more goodies beyond the Perfect Package that still improve your game (Man Mints, anyone?). When you’re good and ready to explore the depths of advanced manscaping, head over to We have it all, and we’re happy to share our compendium of knowledge on the subject.



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