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Guide to Men's Grooming Kits

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



guide to men's grooming kits

Men’s grooming is one of the best things to happen to men in the modern era. Sure, it can feel like a chore at times, but really, it’s helping us all be better. We get to look sexier. We get to enjoy the view of our junk in its full glory. We get all of the benefits, and because grooming is so mainstream, we’re getting new and advanced tools to help us. In order to help you get the best tools, today, we’re going to talk about men’s grooming kits.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Men’s Grooming Kit?

You need a grooming kit because it makes the process so much easier. A good kit will ensure you have all of the tools you need for success. It can also help you consolidate and organize your grooming resources.

The more important question is, “Why do you need to groom?” For that, we have a few answers. The first is that grooming can make you feel great. Pubic hair is a nuisance when left unchecked. We know you’ve had those hairs pulled or tugged throughout your day. We’ve experienced it too. When you trim them down to size, that annoyance goes away, and you’ll find you’re just plain happier.

Another reason to groom is that society demands it. If you’re in the dating scene, or if you want to please a partner, grooming is part of the deal. It makes you more attractive and improves your sex life. How can you say no to either of those things?

What Should You Look For?

So what makes a great grooming kit? It all comes down to the components, right? You probably want a trimmer. Maybe there are a few other things that could help. We’re going to break it down in detail. You don’t want just any trimmer; you want a great trimmer. We have a full list of items you should consider right here.

    MANSCAPED Perfect Package 3.0

    A Great Trimmer

    Your trimmer sits at the heart of your male grooming efforts. It does most of the heavy lifting, and if you have a good enough trimmer, you don’t even need a razor (more on that in a moment). In reality, you need advanced grooming clippers.

    The Lawn Mower 3.0® trimmer is basically perfect. It’s designed to groom your entire body. The safety features will protect you from tugs, nicks, and other problems. It’s easy to use. This should be your gold standard for a trimmer. When you have a great trimmer, everything else is easy.

    A Safe Razor

    The truth is that these days, your razor is optional. This is even true for your face. Modern trimmers can be so effective that they get a close shave without the need of a dedicated razor.

    But, plenty of guys still shave, and we get that. When you want that extra-clean, smooth feeling of a fresh shave, you need a good razor, and if you’re grooming your balls, you want something that is properly safe. We suggest a simple safety razor that lets you work on delicate areas of your body without undue risk.

    Men’s Body Wash

    We’ve been harping on this for years, but it’s still a knowledge gap for most guys. The bulk of male grooming has absolutely nothing to do with cutting body hair. It’s mostly about skin care. If the trimmer is at the heart of your grooming, your body wash sits at the heart of your skin care.

    Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wash is more than just soap for guys. It’s an all-in-one cleanser that works on your whole body, from scalp to soles. It has a proprietary formula that helps to moisturize your skin, maintain a healthy pH and grow soft, healthy body hair. Any grooming kit that lacks in skin care is a farce, so keep Crop Cleanser body wash in mind when you’re shopping.

    Ball Deodorant

    Ball deodorant falls in the skincare category. If we’re being completely honest, your ball deodorant isn’t entirely essential. Instead, it’s the part we like the most. You can get by without it, but why would you want to?

    A great ball deodorant will keep your boys cool and dry, but not too dry. It can reduce friction and chafing, and it can help your skin be as healthy as possible. It’s also gentle enough that it won’t burn the testes when you apply it.

    If you want all of that, Crop Preserver® ball deodorant is a great place to start.

    Ball Toner

    Ball toner is something that helps your sensitive skin recover from the ravages of a close shave. You can think of it as an aftershave for the balls. You can also think of it as a pick me up for balls that need a little TLC. 

    The best ball toners are going to have moisturizing elements. They will also have something to soothe irritation. Our ball toner is called Crop Reviver® ball toner and we use Aloe Vera to keep your boys feeling happy and healthy.

      THE LAWN MOWER 3.0


      A Few More Items for Your Consideration

      Your primary items are the tools to cut the hair and care for the skin. In that vein, there are a few other items that can add to a men’s grooming kit.

      A good pair of boxers can ensure that you aren’t chafing or irritating your skin after a shave.

      Ball wipes can help you freshen up on a long, brutal day.

      MANSCAPED™ Kits

      We talked about what should be in a male grooming kit, but theory only goes so far. We can look at real kits, offered by MANSCAPED™, to see what the best looks like in practice.

      Crop Care Kit

      The Crop Care Kit is a specialized package to take care of your skin. It includes ball deodorant, ball toner and body wash. It also has Crop Mop® ball wipes, our favorite ball wipes. Lastly, it includes Foot Duster® foot spray, a special deodorant we made to take care of your feet. If you already have hair cutting tools, the Crop Care Kit will make sure your skin care is up to par. 

      The Perfect Package 3.0

      We designed The Perfect Package 3.0 to be the ultimate entry pack for new groomers. It has all of the essentials. You get our trimmer, ball deodorant, and toner. All of it comes in a nice carrying case to keep things together, and there are some extras. The Magic Mat® shaving mat is designed to make cleanup a breeze after you groom, and the included boxers ensure that you feel great when you’re done. Everything you need is in one package to get you started, and if you need some add-ons later, we can help you there too.

      The Performance Package

      The Performance Package takes things a little beyond entry-level. It’s still a complete grooming package, but a slight shift of the components elevates your grooming a bit. Still included are the trimmer, ball deodorant and toner. You also get the Magic Mat shaving mat and the boxers, all in a carrying case. The Performance Package takes another step by including the Weed Whacker™, our carefully developed ear and nose hair trimmer.


      MANSCAPED Magic Mat


      Steps to a Good Grooming Session

      So you know how to get a great kit. What do you do with it once you have it? We’re going to take you through a crash course in grooming to help you understand the process. For the newbies, this process will help you avoid some of the most unpleasant mistakes we see in the business. This will help you know how to groom.

      Step 1: Trim

      The first step is to trim. Thanks to The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer and the Magic Mat shaving mat, you can do this with very little effort. Strip down, lay down your mat, and dry trim over it. It really is that easy. If this is your very first time, we recommend that you use the longest cutting setting on your trimmer. If you want to go closer later, feel free, but try it out this way first.

      Step 2: Shave

      Shaving is still entirely optional. But, if you’re going to shave, you should do it right. Shaving comes after trimming. You also want to prep your shave. Take a warm washcloth and gently massage the area you’re about to hit with your razor. This will exfoliate the pores and soften the hair follicles, both of which make for a better shave.

      Step 3: Shower

      When you’re done grooming, you want to wash the skin. This is important to remove annoying hair clippings. It’s also important to prevent infections that can and do happen when you shave regularly. Mostly, it’s the first step in your skincare routine. Take a warm shower. Wash with Crop Cleanser hair and body wash.

      Step 4: More Skincare

      After you shower, you want to moisturize your skin. If you’re doing this to start your day, then you can use Crop Preserver ball deodorant for that. It moisturizes and protects your skin. You can double down and apply Crop Reviver ball toner with Crop Preserver ball deodorant. This will make sure your skin stays in top shape.

      Step 5: Enjoy

      We recommend that you avoid tight clothing the day you groom. Our boxers are designed to give you a comfortable experience. But this is all you really need to do. You can enjoy your grooming efforts.




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